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Sam’s LIVE From 315 Brainstorm

March 31, 2010 |  by  |  Project Four, Student Work  |  , , ,  |  Comments Off on Sam’s LIVE From 315 Brainstorm

I just realized how terribly hard it is to find good music sites! I went through my itunes and was looking at websites for some of the artists that might have enough $$ to have an awesome site, and I was very disappointed! Some really crazy/talented/wellknown musicians have really ugly/boring sites. Some of them don’t even have any music on them!

Top 5 Sites!


This site was pretty clean and simple. The method of listening to music was also really simple and easy to do. It wasn’t like a big box with a playlist like most sites had, which I really appreciated.


I really love this site. The use of sound is hilarious. I really wouldn’t expect anything less. It makes it really easy for the user to get rid of the sound or switch to music or back to the voice too. I love the voice though.


The site’s music player isn’t amazing, but it uses what looks like a tooltip, that doesn’t go away, to let you know that the song is playing. It is simple, and a little above that little box playlist that I really don’t like.


Mika’s site has that little box, but alas, it was integrated pretty well. It doesn’t stand out and look hideous. What I do love about this site is the navigation. The big loopy circle actually moves when you want it to, and it is really cool.


Overall this site has little to be desired. It is really rather boring, but I do like the integration of video as the header image. It has a pull down menu on the bottom right corner that easily allows the viewer to switch videos, and simply clicking on the video pauses it. Very convenient considering the real lack of play/pause/stop buttons.


Connection/ing, unity, dedication, movement, time

and I really wanted to include wood, since in one of the videos the man said that almost all instruments are made out of wood, and wood can provide really nice visuals and textures. 🙂

Visual Concept

I am not exactly sure where I can see this going visually quite yet, I may magically think of something right before I go to sleep, but right now I am thinking of something more raw and organic. Musically comes so naturally to these people and people in generally are naturally attracted to music, so to me it seems appropriate. The two things that I am visualizing in my head are wood and a brick wall, both which could/would be defaced/graffitied appropriately to suit the video and music style. When one would chose or click a video it would appear and the artwork on the surface would start to appear and grow, giving the viewer a sense of what they may be seeing/listening to.