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A Start…

February 5, 2010 |  by  |  Project One, Student Work, unfathomable  |  ,  |  4 Comments

Hello GRA 500,
I’m doing Project 1 on myself and the images above are what I have come up with thus far. The first image with the branch is intended to be my home screen. I anticipate animate the leaves to blow int he wind, and the bird to fly/walk/chirp. As far as navigation goes, I want the various elements like the leaves, the nest or the bird to serve as links to pages for my portfolio and about me.

The second image is what I might do for the portfolio page. I think the thought bubble serves as a good place to place content. However, I feel like this deisgn is lacking something.

I’m looking for suggestions on possible transitions or elements to enhance the page. The portfolio page needs something else as well but I can’t think what. Any comments, good and bad, are greatly appreciated!!