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Monica’s Re-post (since I mucked up the first time…)

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Barron Live from 315 Submission

I really liked the idea of showing a grid of thumbnails of the different videos. I imagine that once the user is on the homepage, it would look something like this. To add some motion and life to it, the thumbs from each of the videos could animate randomly for a few seconds at a time. When the user rolls over the thumbnails, a title and brief caption will appear in the thumbnail area.

To incorporate the video transitions and the idea we came up with in setting the environment on a table/desk, we could lay the grid over an empty area of the dark wood tabletop, and once the video is clicked, the camera could move over the table to the appropriate genre transition. The wires laying on the table at the top right corner tie in the appearance of other objects on the desk. The video could scroll up to show the rest of the headphones attached to those wires as it moves to the “About” page, or some other subpage. Once the transition is over and the subpage has been reached, a translucent box for the video player will appear over the table/objects, and then once the user presses Play, the video will go to full screen (see below).

And as much as I didn’t want to go with orange and blue for a color scheme, it worked well with the dark wood texture. It doesn’t have to be blindingly obnoxious orange like we’re used to at SU, but a paler orange and a light blue. Dark, textures, warm, and ambiguous enough for all the genres.


For the grid: Uniqlo Mixplay

For the overhead table look: Lionways


  • Video pan over objects on table
  • Camera stop, grid of thumbs pops up
  • Once a video is selected, camera pans back over to chosen objects representing video
  • Video player appears for visitor to hit play
  • Video goes to full screen for duration of video
  • Navigation always on top so user can easily choose new videos or sub pages

Sam’s Design Concept

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So this is a REALLY rough sketch out of my idea. I wasn’t going to do really detailed drawings if this idea wasn’t even liked!

So the idea is that there is one big scene, that you can scroll back and forth through with the arrows. The two vertical black lines represent what you would actually see. I imagine the visual representations of the musicians or musical style to have some subtle animations. When you click or hover, I’m not sure what would better yet, but they have a text bubble above their head(s). When actually clicked, everything but that person/thing fades away. The text bubble will have a little info about the video, and the video controls, including a full screen option. Since everything fades away, the video would already be pretty large, but bigger is better right? Toward the bottom right of the screen, there would be a “skip to” button to quickly navigate to a certain video/ person without having to hunt through everything, saving people time if they so desire. I am guessing that most of us do not want to have to illustrate all of this though!