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Sam’s Categories Etc.

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I had a hard time thinking of categories. These videos are so random. What I came up with wasn’t as creative as I would have hoped, but that’s okay. And having the One Question video be its own category, most likely at the top, would make it so we don’t have to use it as an intro video or try to make it fit in, in some other awkward way. Classic and Modern also really sum up large categories of music. Plus we really don’t know what the rest of the videos are gonna be yet.

WTF, Classic, Modern, Healing/Spiritual, Religious, Miscellaneous, and One Question.

Secondary Navigation wise, I thought we could take a little bit of that OS Dock idea once you reached the video. There could be a footprint icon that could take you back home, one little icon that brings up video controls, and another to choose a different category. All could be small enough so that you can notice them, but they don’t drive your eye away from the video.

Transition wise, I am really stumped. I am still having a hard time visualizing the concept. Hopefully once things progress a bit, my mind will catch up!

Danielle: Live from the 315

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For my design, I tried to form a skyline out of objects that represent different videos. For example, the Tots video is represented by french fries. I thought a skyline plays up the idea that the projects are about music specifically in the 315 area. The map in the background also relates to this idea.

On rollover, the silhouette will become the object and show a still and description for its corresponding video. Once the user clicks the video, the skyline will drop down and the video will become full screen.

Renée’s homepage design

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here is the environment I was visualizing:

My concept is taking the “desk” idea to a lower level. I wanted to show the different genres of music with footwear. These are  stock images for now, but I visualize using our own photos with our preferred footwear to give the flavor of the music you will see when you click to the subpages. I also included a music player on the home page that would play clips of different music that is featured on the site. I wanted to use the circle of feet to show the unity of all these different styles coming together. I thought that the different pants and leggings showed diversity as well. In terms of functionality I see the circle theme playing a huge part in the interaction. Perhaps the user could rotate the feet to chose their selection. You can play with the feet for transitions, people walking, feet dancing, etc. I think it could be a fun and unique way to showcase the variety of music we have, and also allows for additional music to always be added later.

Some tabletop inspiration

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renée’s live from 315 brainstorm

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{5 words}

diversity | healing | rhythm | movement | impact

{visual concept}

I am picturing a website based on a single line. The line is a metaphor for the starting point for all musicians. Everyone starts off in at the same place, and then they make it their own art as it evolved into a song and creates a purpose. This line will be the basis for the animation and transitions to the different sections of the site. Each one will draw out art to fit different styles of music and can even show the beats of music. Whenever you go back to the home page, it will bring you back to the basic core of all music, which is shown visually through this line. This concept can go in many different ways, and I think its flexibility will help visually umbrella the diversity of the music that will be featured on the site. I see the site being very colorful with a dark background, but that could change depending on the page you are on.

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