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Curing an addiction I didn’t know I had

March 31, 2010 |  by  |  unfathomable  |  , ,  |  Comments Off on Curing an addiction I didn’t know I had

There is no clicking in this site. Not links, not text fields, NOTHING!! My pointer finger quickly started to experience withdrawal. Despite my expert counseling it couldn’t maintain it’s clicking sobriety for more than half a minute. It’s a hard habit to kick (or flick).

renée stevens project #2 with sound player

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{music upgrades}

I added a tab to hold my music player on the lower right hand side of the video. This helps keep the clean look I have, by hiding all the buttons until the user wants to stop, play, or adjust the volume of the song. I chose the song, by Yo la Tengo because I felt it fit the mood of my design and was nice and chill. Since the music plays on load, I wanted users to be able to turn the music on or off quickly, which is why I made the tab green to stand out a little bit with the sound icon. For those who are enjoying the song, they can turn the volume up to hear it better.

I used this tutorial to help with my action script, which was important for the volume control.

you can download my files here.

Sam’s Project Three!

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download the zip

I hope this ends up working. I couldn’t figure out where/how to upload the .xml file for my music player. So it probably won’t work on here. But it does work on the regular file. At least it is showing it in the proper size this time.

I haven’t had the chance to edit some of the things from the last part of the project since I have had flash for like 2 1/2 days! That normally prevents one from working on a flash project.

Addition of Video and Music

For my use of video and music I added video to the television and music to the radio. I had to edit the buttons to make them fit with the style and with the necessary buttons for the the two players to work. I also wanted them to been relatively simple to use. The target viewer probably won’t have any trouble getting the music or video to play. I really already had the setting for the two players set up prior, so it was just a matter of adding the fancy code to make it all work.


The video tutorial from this blog and this post on Republic of Code for the music player.

Find where mystery errors are from!

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Use the Flash Player debug section of flash

hit: command+shift+enter

This can tell you more detail about your errors

DC First Flash Website

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Project 1


The drawn branch is the only element to survive form project 1 to project 2. I threw out the textured backgrounds, mountains, flowers and a whole bunch of other crap to create this stripped down scene.
I like how each state is just a small window of the overall whole.
The site opens up on the branch, with a sketched version of myself swinging from the tree on the bottom of the frame and a clothesline to the right with links to my portfolio.
One of the most popular reactions to the site so far is that it is “very me” which I guess is the goal.
Most of the illustrations were hand-drawn in illustrator using a wacom tablet and the pen tool. Since this website is about me, I made sure all of the elements were self-generated.
The animations are relatively simple (although we all know simple in flash can still mean hours of tweaking!).
The transitions are simple shifts and zooms to match the simplicity of the site. When you click on the clothesline thumbnails, the site zooms in. In the future I will embed players to view all the images in each portfolio. I am also still working on creating tooltips.

I definitely referenced a bunch of tutorials, especially those on the blog, but here are a few I remember::

Create Links

Tooltips (via Azar)


Conditional Statements

I lost the folder with my inspiration images when my thumb drive crashed in the beginning of the semester but I looked at a bunch japanese style paintings for inspiration for the branch and the bird as well as searching those terms in iStock photo. Suggestions from Harper and DMillz led to the creation of the tire swing and the portfolio clothesline. – Looking Behind the Scenes of

January 24, 2010 |  by  |  unfathomable  |  ,  |  Comments Off on – Looking Behind the Scenes of

65 Media is responsible for the site we discussed in class. Who are the people behind this super sweet immersive site? It’s a great idea to check out what else they have accomplished and what type of skills went into the making of their sites.