Creative Brief

The creative brief is the bases for most future decisions on your project. Think of it as your touchstone for the next phases of your web design project, if they do not make sense in the context of your creative brief then readjust and rethink your decisions.



Seven Steps  To An Effective Creative Brief

The seven steps to an effective creative brief are pretty simple and quite universal. However, completing the steps takes time and a great deal of thought and research. A brief that is completed in a hap hazard or thoughtless manor will most often lead to a completed project that misses the target, message or budgetary objectives.

When reading or creating a creative brief ask yourself these questions:

The Objective

Is the purpose of this piece of communication clearly stated? Does it tell the reader/viewer what action to take? Does it tell them what to think, to feel or to do?


What is the single most important message to convey?

Is there one simple message for the communication to focus on?


What is the rationale behind the message?

Is there a rational and/or an emotional reason to believe?


Who are we talking to?

Does this brief go beyond age and sex to include demographics and psychographics?


What is the background or overview?

Is there any information about the market or are there any client concerns or insight that will make the communication more informative or relevant?


Are there any other important details?

Is there any other information that may be useful? Are there any examples of brand personality? Is a logo provided/required? Is there any contact information?


What are the business requirements for this web application?

What specific tasks and business functions will this web application perform?


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