Seven Deadly Sins – Minor Project

  • 30% of your final grade

GRA447:647 – Seven Deadly Sins – Edge Animate Assignment

To ensure your growth of knowledge in Adobe Edge Animate you will be designing a multi-layered visual story of your selected sin. Keep in mind what you design will eventually be brought into Edge, animated and video/motion graphics added. In the past we have used Adobe Fash to animate our compositions but now we’ll be using a more cross-platform animation tool set of HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery brought to bare through Adobe Edge Animate.

Idea: A project example could be on your interpretation of a Lady Gaga Song for Lust .

Step One: Creative Brief and PSD Mockup, Due 3.27.13
So if you were your sin, what would you wear, how would you walk and what’s your personality? Creatives briefs you’ve done, adapt what you know and adjust for this more focused assignment. Based on your sin, your design will include images, textures and type. Your final PSD should include a clear idea of what and how you will be animating. As always your PSD should be very well organized and labeled.

Step Two: Import Into Edge, Due 4.10.13
Take what you’ve come up with an import or recreate the required elements into Edge. Now it’s time to add your animation! Be sure to be purposeful with what and how you animate objects. Be sure that whatever you’re adding in edge is inline with your overall sin and message (Slow = lust? You get the idea).

Step Three: Relax and Have a beer, Due anytime
It’s important to relax and reflect on what you;ve done and what you’re still working on. It’s an actual part of the process of learning, use it!


  • Creative Brief and PSD Mockup, Due 3.27.13
  • Step Two: Import Into Edge, Due 4.10.13
  • Final project on server/blog 4.17 (Screen shot Edge project folder with fonts)


  • PSD, AI or PNG (Fireworks) Mockup
  • Illustrations of animated states in you mockup (key moments)
  • Full Adobe Edge Animate Project
  • Creative/Communication Brief | Download Example
  • List of tutorials used [url]
  • Self Evaluation Form (submit separately via email, see instructions)


  • Quality of Design
  • Does it make sense?
  • Does it provoke an emotional reaction?
  • Proper naming conventions (all files, layers and images, etc.)
  • Well written rationale
  • Appropriate use of animation
  • Meet turn-in requirements; blog + Newhouse server


  • Design Package
  • Sins


  • Edge






Adobe Kuler

This is a web-hosted application for generating color themes that can inspire any project by simply uploading an image. It also houses a great wealth of color combinations that you can pull from.