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I went to an event at Newhouse that shared in which a seminar was held on each of the eight Newhouse majors. In the time allotted to the students each person was able to pick two major information sessions to go to. Even though I am BDJ I decided to go to the Advertising and TRF information sessions.  To my surprise I really enjoyed the Advertising session and found the description of the major very appealing. The panel of advertisers discussed their careers as a job that is filled with travel and exiting accounts. One of the panel members was a previous SU student who had just started working at a firm in New York City. It is crazy to me that her first job out of college is in NYC because when people speak about BDJ they usually say that your first job out of college is going to be at some small rural town in the middle of nowhere. It was refreshing to hear that advertising was different.

This event inspired me because it showed me their is more out their besides BDJ.  The only problem with that is now I am temped to switch to an advertising major.  I love BDJ but it is a highly competitive career choice that does not officially pay off finically or location wise when you first start. Where as advertising seems like if you apply to the right position and get it you can get good financial benefits right off the bat along with an exiting location.  Also the more I thought about advertising the more in demand I realized this field is because their are a ridiculous number of ads thrown at us each today which means they need a lot of man power to develop and release those adds.  Overall this advertising informational presentation inspired me because it showed me another major/career that I could see myself extremely  happy in.Advertising

Inspiration post journalism day , Amanda

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On Saturday I attended an event at Newhouse regarding how journalist can best use Social media in their careers.  The panel of news professionals discussed the dos and don`t on what to put on your social media site.  They discussed twitter and Facebook and how building a brand for yourself over social media is key when pursuing a career in journalism. They also discussed how taking videos on your phone when reporting could give you an edge up on breaking the story first. For example one of the reporters on the panel took a video of Amanda Bynes on his phone as she entered the courtroom and posted it to vine the moment the video was taken. Other people used  satellite so their videos took 15 minutes to upload but because he used his phone his video was sent out immediately. His footage was the first footage seen of Amanda Bynes and it when viral. Since I am interested in entertainment news this story really stuck out to me and also it showed how social media improved his story.

This event was inspirational because it showed me how social media is not just a platform for gossip but an essential platform for news.  I was not a fan of social media but this event encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try. It inspired me to create an instagram and start preparation for my career for when  I graduate. This event definitely got me thinking about my future and how I can take steps over social media to create opportunities for myself.  This event showed me a whole different perspective on social media that was more business orientated. unnamed-10

Nicky Da B Inspiration post

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After we watched the video in class thatB.E.A.T I was extremely inspired by the high energy and originality that New Orleans Bounce music possessed.  When I got out of class all I wanted to do was to share the video with all of my friends in my dorm because of the positive impact it had on me.  The music was like nothing I have ever heard before and the dancing was amazing.  I love how this booty shaking music was able to create a cross over between the gay community and hip hop something that stereotypically would not seem to match up. Watching the sense of community and belonging that everyone in the video felt while out dancing was extremely uplifting. When one video 9 minute video can literally make me want to plan a vacation to that destination you know the person who made it was a good story teller. One person that inspired me in particular in that video was Nicky Da B . He had such a great presence and attitude that he was impossible to ignore.  After I was done sharing the video we saw in class with my friends I then went on youtube and looked up other videos`s that Nicky Da b was in.

The Video “Express your Self” is now one of my favorite videos because of the crazy beat and positive message. Through my research on Nick Da B I found out that he is a proud gay artist who is out to the public.   When I watched the video I not only associated express your self with dancing but in general to be who you are and do things that make you happy. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks do things and say things that you want to and don’t hold back because you are afraid of other people`s negative comments. After watching this video, I felt happy, inspired, and ready to take on the world. This might seem like an exaggeration but Im serious his music really had an impact on me.  Nicky Da B was a very talented artist could be seen as a symbol for the evolution of hip hop/rap.  His openness with his sexuality will open doors for other gay rappers who may of thought they had to keep it a a secret if they wanted to make it in the business.  Nicki da B will most definelty be missed and his bounce legacy will live on l;ing after his death. This week he gained a new Fan and will continue to gain fans and recognition for his work. After seeing all of the nice comments on his video it is safe to say that his influence in the New Orleans bounce music community will live on.

Inspiration Career post Amanda Shea

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On Wednesday I attended the Tully Center For Speech Event, where I listened to Alan Rusbridger speak about his career in Journalism and saw him accept the Tully free speech award.  Alan works as the editor of the Guardian and has experienced a lot of backlash and legal issues for publishing the truth.  An Example of tho that Alan is known for is that he published the Edward Snowden story.  When Alan was asked why he published this controversial story he said it was because he believed it was something the public needed to know. Watching Alan speak was extremely inspirational for me because I am majoring in broadcast Journalism so I connected with what he was saying.

Alan painted journalism in a great light and spoke about how important this industry is to the public.  Alan`s Comparison of Journalism to something as essential as the police force showed how much respect he had for his job.  He spoke about how the media`s job is to spread the truth to the public so they can make intelligent decisions in their own lives.  When I begin my career in broadcast journalism I want to be as fearless and honest as Alan and always reveal the truth even if its a risky secret to uncover.  If something is unjust and negatively affects the public than I want to be able to tell  them.











non- fiction project inspiration

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Today while I was completely lost on what I was going to do for my non-fiction project on I came across this picture of my roommate Kaylynn and was instantly inspired. Today she was showing me her modeling portfolio and I was wowed by how professional her pictures were and had no idea of the extant of her modeling career.  My roommate has done modeling since she is 16 years old and has dreams of one day being a high fashion model. I asked her more about her modeling background and future plans and as she was talking I could see myself really telling a great story about her. Doing a story on such an ambitious person who not only is interested in modeling but is going to school for pre-med could really change peoples views on the stereotypical dum model.  Telling her story could really show a different side to the business and depict her two conflicting identities. One as a dedicated college student choosing the prestigious and honorable path as a doctor and the other as a dreamer captivated by the luxurious and fast paced lifestyle that comes with modeling.

Wrath – Hutton

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Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 5.42.45 PMScreen Shot 2013-12-11 at 5.42.53 PMScreen Shot 2013-12-11 at 5.42.58 PM

Knife is displayed on screen and is animated to move up and down.

Click it and the stage animates in blood, first slowly, then quickly. The screen fills with blood until the whole thing is covered. And then WRATH appears. You can click the white knife to replay the animation.

RIA Infinite Oz Site Critique Nora Molina

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Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 5.14.53 AM

I chose this site because I thought it was a creative way to promote the TV mini series of  Tin Man on SciFi and I really liked that they collaborated with international graphic artists to create an illustration experience of what the show is about.

User Profile

The users of this website are likely to know what the Wizard of Oz is and are likely to have an interest in scifi television shows or  an interest in alternate plots to a well known classic fantasy story. Theses users are probably between the teen and adult population since it isn’t exactly what a child would be interested in watching or participating in the interactive website since most of it involves reading. I think their cultural background would probably mostly be American but other english speaking people who have an interest in fantasy and the Wizard of Oz would also be interested in the website. It isn’t difficult to navigate the site so as long as you can read I think anyone could enjoy it if they have related interests.

User Interface & Functionality

Interface: When opening the site you are given the option to speed up or slow down the process in which the illustrations travel within each other. The illustrations lead or transition into other illustrations without changing its image sort of like the twilight zone it continues zooming into one aspect of the illustration leading into another illustration until the cycle repeats itself. There’s two audio tracks one of which has a fantasy mystery feel to it and the other track is made up of voices from the TV series.

Functionality: As you travel through the illustrations you can click on ‘scene info’ which gives you information about the scene or illustration you are on. You can move from that section onto other scenes without changing the illustration in the background. There’s also a credits tab which gives you a list of people and artists they collaborated with and they also give you the option to turn off the music and voice audio.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 6.41.26 AM

Interface works: I think what works is how the illustration builds into the next illustration and the music creates an experience and gives you the feeling of wanting know more which makes you click on the scene info. The colors and music create a feeling of coolness and warmth which goes well with the music.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 6.42.04 AM

Functionality works: Being able to speed up its transitioning is a step into the interaction part and into skipping scenes.

Functionality & Interface doesn’t work: I think what doesn’t work is that not many scenes are given, you can’t skip illustration scenes you just have to speed up its transitioning or wait for the next illustration as you read about the scenes which makes it a bit confusing because then the scenes don’t line up with the illustrations. I also wish you could interact with the illustrations more but besides speeding it up and clicking on the scene info you can’t do more.


Interactive Website Critique

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Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 8.37.05 AM

The Rule of Three –

The Rule of Three is a copywriting website that aims to get potential clients by using simple, clean, text-based design. I enjoy the animation of the website but find it to be too text heavy and also too laborious to work through the whole thing- unless you are delighted by the animations (which I was).

User Profile

The user of this website is a mature male or female, who owns some kind of business or is working on a project that requires copywriters. Their clients span all different kinds of industries (Hilton Hotels to Tesco to BBC), but all value elegance, simplicity, and well-delivered messages (otherwise they wouldn’t be looking for copywriters in the first place!).

User Interface

The user interface is very clean and text heavy, using one texture (a gray fabric) and a monotone, black and white color scheme. As copywriters, this approach makes sense as it mimics the aesthetics of traditional type- black and white, serif fonts (on the starting page, anyway). The vertical scroll approach works in that it tells the story chronologically, but also I was about halfway through scrolling (and getting pretty tired of it) when I noticed the navigation bar had appeared at some point at the top. I think the use of all text does place extra emphasis on the couple of icons that are employed when explaining the importance of copywriting/the company, and those icons are delightful and exciting as a result.


This website does not feature interactivity, it requires it in order for the user to get the information he/she wants. This is a good thing, and a bad thing. It requires that the user have an attention span that’s beyond- “I need a copywriter, why are these people awesome, who do I contact”, and rather somebody that doesn’t mind being led through a vertical, line driven story about why words are importance and how The Rule of Three can help them. The nav bar jumps to the appropriate part in the vertical scroll, which is a nice feature- but I didn’t even notice it until I was almost done with the scroll (perhaps some kind of arrow or visual cue that denotes when the nav bar becomes available as opposed to the scroll would solve this problem). There is a long bar and use of fading in the ‘Services’ section that I really like, and simple animation as the text that explains each service (represented by a simple icon) flies in and out. I like that things appear on the vertical scroll only as you follow them down- but if you don’t click the initial arrow which jumps you to the start, you have to scroll through a page of whitespace (at which point I almost turned to a different website to write this critique on). At the end of viewing the whole scroll, I must say I was impressed by the company, especially after they feature the icons of all of their (famous) clients.

Magical Weather App – Mary Wagner

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Magical Weather iPad App

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 8.23.54 PM

I picked this application for it’s simple typography integrated with icons and photographs- it explains the weather to the user in 3 different ways all at once. The purpose of the app is to give weather forecasts for anywhere in the world.

User Profile

Because the app isn’t free (though it is only about $2.30/1.79 euro), the user is probably an older adult in a business profession who travels frequently and would have a use for such an extensive weather application. Their technical abilities are novice- the app only uses taps and swipes and is very simple with large touch sensitive areas.

User Interface

The use of photography really brings this app to the next level compared to other weather apps. The white typography works 95% of the time, but when put in front of a lighter image it can get lost in the background. The icons are simple but convey what they need to and the grid layout when looking at multiple locations is really nice.


The functionality is straight forward for those used to iPad applications, but a couple more calls to action might make it easier for the less experienced user. Overall I think the app knows that the content it’s delivering is simple, and reflects that in the design and the functionality.

22 Awesome Flash Websites

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Award Winning Flash Sites

There had been some debate lately about the future of Flash. Many people had predicted its death. The rise of touch-screen devices, many of which don’t support Flash technology, is a key player in this subject. Certainly, Flash offers some problems when it comes to updating and SEO, not to talk about the heaviness inherent to Flash projects. Aside from that, Flash offers a level of interaction with the user that other technologies hardly can achieve, altough this is changing.

HTML5 and CSS3 seem to be becoming the new standards in web design, but we can still find some great websites designed in Flash. In this post we compiled 22 awesome Flash websites. Check them out and decide for yourself if Flash should stay or disappear for good.

Great Example of a Web Experience

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Amazing LUCEO Soundscape Project.