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I went to an event at Newhouse that shared in which a seminar was held on each of the eight Newhouse majors. In the time allotted to the students each person was able to pick two major information sessions to go to. Even though I am BDJ I decided to go to the Advertising and TRF information sessions.  To my surprise I really enjoyed the Advertising session and found the description of the major very appealing. The panel of advertisers discussed their careers as a job that is filled with travel and exiting accounts. One of the panel members was a previous SU student who had just started working at a firm in New York City. It is crazy to me that her first job out of college is in NYC because when people speak about BDJ they usually say that your first job out of college is going to be at some small rural town in the middle of nowhere. It was refreshing to hear that advertising was different.

This event inspired me because it showed me their is more out their besides BDJ.  The only problem with that is now I am temped to switch to an advertising major.  I love BDJ but it is a highly competitive career choice that does not officially pay off finically or location wise when you first start. Where as advertising seems like if you apply to the right position and get it you can get good financial benefits right off the bat along with an exiting location.  Also the more I thought about advertising the more in demand I realized this field is because their are a ridiculous number of ads thrown at us each today which means they need a lot of man power to develop and release those adds.  Overall this advertising informational presentation inspired me because it showed me another major/career that I could see myself extremely  happy in.Advertising

Inspiration post journalism day , Amanda

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On Saturday I attended an event at Newhouse regarding how journalist can best use Social media in their careers.  The panel of news professionals discussed the dos and don`t on what to put on your social media site.  They discussed twitter and Facebook and how building a brand for yourself over social media is key when pursuing a career in journalism. They also discussed how taking videos on your phone when reporting could give you an edge up on breaking the story first. For example one of the reporters on the panel took a video of Amanda Bynes on his phone as she entered the courtroom and posted it to vine the moment the video was taken. Other people used  satellite so their videos took 15 minutes to upload but because he used his phone his video was sent out immediately. His footage was the first footage seen of Amanda Bynes and it when viral. Since I am interested in entertainment news this story really stuck out to me and also it showed how social media improved his story.

This event was inspirational because it showed me how social media is not just a platform for gossip but an essential platform for news.  I was not a fan of social media but this event encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try. It inspired me to create an instagram and start preparation for my career for when  I graduate. This event definitely got me thinking about my future and how I can take steps over social media to create opportunities for myself.  This event showed me a whole different perspective on social media that was more business orientated. unnamed-10

Nicky Da B Inspiration post

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After we watched the video in class thatB.E.A.T I was extremely inspired by the high energy and originality that New Orleans Bounce music possessed.  When I got out of class all I wanted to do was to share the video with all of my friends in my dorm because of the positive impact it had on me.  The music was like nothing I have ever heard before and the dancing was amazing.  I love how this booty shaking music was able to create a cross over between the gay community and hip hop something that stereotypically would not seem to match up. Watching the sense of community and belonging that everyone in the video felt while out dancing was extremely uplifting. When one video 9 minute video can literally make me want to plan a vacation to that destination you know the person who made it was a good story teller. One person that inspired me in particular in that video was Nicky Da B . He had such a great presence and attitude that he was impossible to ignore.  After I was done sharing the video we saw in class with my friends I then went on youtube and looked up other videos`s that Nicky Da b was in.

The Video “Express your Self” is now one of my favorite videos because of the crazy beat and positive message. Through my research on Nick Da B I found out that he is a proud gay artist who is out to the public.   When I watched the video I not only associated express your self with dancing but in general to be who you are and do things that make you happy. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks do things and say things that you want to and don’t hold back because you are afraid of other people`s negative comments. After watching this video, I felt happy, inspired, and ready to take on the world. This might seem like an exaggeration but Im serious his music really had an impact on me.  Nicky Da B was a very talented artist could be seen as a symbol for the evolution of hip hop/rap.  His openness with his sexuality will open doors for other gay rappers who may of thought they had to keep it a a secret if they wanted to make it in the business.  Nicki da B will most definelty be missed and his bounce legacy will live on l;ing after his death. This week he gained a new Fan and will continue to gain fans and recognition for his work. After seeing all of the nice comments on his video it is safe to say that his influence in the New Orleans bounce music community will live on.

Inspiration Career post Amanda Shea

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On Wednesday I attended the Tully Center For Speech Event, where I listened to Alan Rusbridger speak about his career in Journalism and saw him accept the Tully free speech award.  Alan works as the editor of the Guardian and has experienced a lot of backlash and legal issues for publishing the truth.  An Example of tho that Alan is known for is that he published the Edward Snowden story.  When Alan was asked why he published this controversial story he said it was because he believed it was something the public needed to know. Watching Alan speak was extremely inspirational for me because I am majoring in broadcast Journalism so I connected with what he was saying.

Alan painted journalism in a great light and spoke about how important this industry is to the public.  Alan`s Comparison of Journalism to something as essential as the police force showed how much respect he had for his job.  He spoke about how the media`s job is to spread the truth to the public so they can make intelligent decisions in their own lives.  When I begin my career in broadcast journalism I want to be as fearless and honest as Alan and always reveal the truth even if its a risky secret to uncover.  If something is unjust and negatively affects the public than I want to be able to tell  them.











non- fiction project inspiration

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Today while I was completely lost on what I was going to do for my non-fiction project on I came across this picture of my roommate Kaylynn and was instantly inspired. Today she was showing me her modeling portfolio and I was wowed by how professional her pictures were and had no idea of the extant of her modeling career.  My roommate has done modeling since she is 16 years old and has dreams of one day being a high fashion model. I asked her more about her modeling background and future plans and as she was talking I could see myself really telling a great story about her. Doing a story on such an ambitious person who not only is interested in modeling but is going to school for pre-med could really change peoples views on the stereotypical dum model.  Telling her story could really show a different side to the business and depict her two conflicting identities. One as a dedicated college student choosing the prestigious and honorable path as a doctor and the other as a dreamer captivated by the luxurious and fast paced lifestyle that comes with modeling.

Sports Video that got me inspired

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link= give up- inspirational football video by 6dimitrisG7 youtube

After taking a year and a half off, I have recently decided to get back into soccer.  This sport was a huge part of my life and I was nervous to step back on the field again because I was afraid that I could have lost my skills.  Today was my first practice for the intermural team that I joined so I decided to search youtube for pump up sports videos.  Out of all the videos I watched this one really inspired me because it showed the highs and lows that come with playing soccer and also enforced the message not to give up.  When I was younger I used to say no matter how old I was that I would always be playing the sport I loved.  For my  freshmen year of  college I felt like I was disappointing my middle school self by completely going back on my word.  This video motivated me to get back on the field no matter what level I am playing at and just enjoy playing soccer.

The inspirational message I received from watching this video did not just connect to my soccer situation but also my academic struggle that I am currently facing. I am an internal transfer and adjusting to NewHouse has been much more difficult than I thought. Lately I have felt discouraged because in order for me to get back on track I have to take a lot of time consuming requirements that involve a lot of technology.  My lack of knowledge about technology has been bringing me down lately because I am realizing in my major how crucial it is that I get with the times and join everyone else in our world of advanced technology.  This video reminded me that nothing is just handed to you and that you have to work hard for what you want.  I love my major and my new school and this clip reminded me that I worked hard to get here and I shouldn’t just give up because the work is challenging.  All I can do is work that much harder to catch up with everyone else in my major.  After watching this video I went from feeling frustrated and unintelligent to feeling motivated and ready to prove myself.  No matter how stressful school gets or how many obstacles come my way I have to keep pushing forward to meet my goal.

This video spoke to me because it was able to completely change my mood and get me thinking with a positive attitude again. Any clip that can have such a strong effect definitely knows how to use storytelling.  The audience for this video is not just soccer players but anyone who has faced adversity and needs that push to keep going and never lose sight of what they want to accomplish.  This video has had an extremely positive effect on me and i can’t wait to step back on the field and hit the books to make my middle school self proud.


RIA Site Critique-Rachael D’Addezio

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The RIA site I am discussing is Black Negative. (!/loader/)

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 8.40.16 PM


I picked Black Negative simply because it is simple. I find many of RIA sites sick, but also very confusing and tedious. To me, this site is neither confusing nor tedious. It’s simplicity, beautiful designs, and layout stood out to me over a very complex and intricate sites. I’m actually not 100% positive what the purpose of this website is. I think it is either an inspirational website or some type of ad website, maybe an ad agency’s website. However, when I researched the name “Black Negative” few search options appeared, so I’m assuming it’s an inspirational site instead of an ad agency.

User Profile

Someone who visits this site is definitely a person with a creative eye or  appreciates good design. This site has many multimedia videos, great typography, and clean designs that would be inspirational. Therefore, I would assumer a visitor to the website would be someone in the design, multimedia, or photography field. I picture the viewer to be new to the industry or a younger designer, so somewhere between the ages of 20 and 30. Since the website contains multimedia and good design, I would picture the user to have technical abilities related to multimedia and design, such as knowledge of the Adobe Suit and be familiar with everyday technology, but not someone who is an expert coder. Based on the companies shown, the user would be someone from the United States, Canada, or Europe. Also, the user would need access to broadband to view this site successfully.

User Interface

Right from the start, the user is not left confused. The loading page tells the user exactly how to scroll from slide to slide to view the information. The user experiences the beauty of this site without frustration. The movements needed to go from slide to slide are as simple as clicking and dragging. The user can also easily identify what to click on the page to view the video. If the user no longer wants to watch the video, they can simply click on the background. This easy way to exit, does not make  the user look at anything longer than he or she wants to, which is a major benefit. Part of this benefit is that the user can click on the menu bar on the bottom of  the site and scroll through the slides he or she wants to view. Once again the viewer is not forced into looking at anything he or she does now wish to. The only frustration the user may face is the fact that there is very little information to what the purpose the site is.


The major functionality issue of the website is that the website does not give an 100% expression of  intention of the site. However, the functionality is easy, and would be easy for most viewers who were born in the generation of computer use. The website relies on simple click and drag commands to navigate through, which eliminates any frustration the viewer may have with more advance sites. The site also brings attention to clickable components on slides by making those components flash or move. Besides the purpose of the site, the site functions without any technological issues.

RIA Site Critique MacKenzie Dunsmoor

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Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 12.34.55 AM

I chose this sight because I had the most fun clicking through it and I really enjoyed the stories. It is a website that many people can appreciate because so many people eat McDonalds. I have never seen a site like this and I was intrigued. This sight is a great PR move by McDonalds because it is an entertaining way to view customer testimonies.


McDonald’s target audience is extremely large. All ages, races, and genders eat at McDonalds. McDonalds are found all over the world. In order to expand it’s reach to other countries, McDonalds had to make some changes. In Europe, McDonalds are much more attractive and they have more of a cafe atmosphere than that of U.S. McDonalds. Europeans are not as concerned with eating quickly as Americans because their culture is typically more relaxed. For example, when I was in London, one family told me that they had not used a drive thru window in over five years. This website is directly targeted at UK consumers. People who are frequent users of the internet (ages 15 to 25) are likely to visit this site simply because of the entertainment it provides. Adults (25-55) who are concerned with customer testimonials and product reviews would most likely visit this site to gain feedback from others. It is not as likely that people over 55 will use this sight because they are less likely to browse the internet or use the interactive elements of it, because they do not understand it as well.


The tiles that fill the entire space are unique and entertaining. The colors used are fun, but not overwhelming; there is a lot of variety, but the dullness of the colors keeps them from getting too distracting or busy. The illustrations are similar: there are a large amount of them, but they are simple enough and consistent enough that they avoid making the interface too cluttered. The consistency of sounds when moving between boxes is also helpful in maintaining simplicity; however the variation of sounds when using the interactive illustrations keeps things interesting. It is important that there is always parts of boxes always shown on the sides of the screen so the user knows there is more to see. Finally, the distortion of boxes when scrolling is important to the visual hierarchy of the interface (which it would lack completely if it were not for this feature).


The story boxes are easy to select and read because of the distortion of the boxes and the light box that opens with each story and a “Discover their moment” direction appears. The illustration animations are easy to use because the motion is the same for all of them and there are instruction as to how they work each time you open a new one. Movement to boxes that are not shown in the window is fairly easy (by clicking and dragging the window over); however, users are very used to being able to use their mouse to scroll. The design would be more functional if it was also possible to scroll around using the mouse.

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 12.35.28 AM

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 12.37.49 AM

RIA Post – Virgin America

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I decided to blog about Virgin America’s interactive site, called

I decided to blog about Virgin America because I am a frequent traveler. Because I am from Colorado, I am forced to fly home a minimum of two times of each year for Christmas and summer break. I have been on more airplanes then I can even remember, however it is easy for me to recall my flying experiences. I can just picture the exhausted and unenthusiastic flight attendant rushing down the aisle, accidentally smashing toes and knocking into knee caps. I can feel my neck become cramped and the seat belt rubbing into my belt line. And I become frustrated just thinking of having to take out my expensive shampoo at the check in counter, just so I can avoid paying an extra 75 dollars. (cough, cough, United). Seriously, I do not even have to think hard about it, I hate airlines and I hate flying.

When I stumbled upon the Virgin America Experience I really was not expecting too much of anything, maybe a half assed attempt at trying to change my mind. Lower fares? “ Whoa, dream big!” I thought. However, as soon as I clicked on the first button, I was surprisingly hooked. I ultimately picked the Virgin America site because it was able to change my opinion about flying, it was able to give me some sort of hope and new outlook on future experiences in the air. Virgin America did more than just convince me, it was able to show me that my decision to fly with them was not only correct, but better than anything else before.

The Virgin American Experience is appealing to all travelers, probably to business men and women, students, anyone who has a destination. Any one over the age of 18, or anyone with access to a credit card has the opportunity to access Virgin Mobile. The user is probably somewhat impatient and disgruntled with airlines, trying to find cheap prices and polite and competent service representatives. The user is looking for a site that is efficient and easy to use, probably something that can be accessed on a tablet or mobile device, anything fast and easy. Access to wi-fi would be required to access the Virgin America Experience.

The user interface for the Virgin America Experience is very simple and easy to use. Red buttons must be pressed, dragged, and released in order to continue on. Additional red buttons appear throughout the experience; users can click on these buttons to receive more information about the creative thinkers and designers for Virgin America. The buttons also give further details regarding entertainment, food, and other benefits of flying on with Virgin

.Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 1.10.13 AMScreen shot 2013-09-04 at 1.15.37 AMScreen shot 2013-09-04 at 1.14.44 AM

At the end of the piece, users can learn more about available destinations as well as look at pictures from customers and their experience while traveling with Virgin America.The user interface could be a little bit more pronounced and involved, I wish there were a few more buttons and features for users to use.

The site definitely functions pretty well and easily delivers its message to its audience. The majority of the experience is delivered through video, there is not too much going on at once and there is a great amount of clarity throughout the entire piece. However, when you press the red button to find out more information about the designers, there are some technical glitches, the piece skips around a little bit and its hard to figure out where the piece left off.

RIA site critique: Lizzie Hart

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Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 4.13.02 PM

I choose this site because I wanted to look at an example of an interactive alternate news story format. Recently I have been noticing online various news sites creating interesting ways to tell stories with full page photos, videos and graphics. After the New York Time’s published “Snow Fall,” there have been similar long form, multimedia stories popping up throughout the web. The purpose of this particular site by The Guardian is to tell the story of an Australian family who just nearly escaped a forest fire that whipped through their home.  The story alone is powerful in that the reading imagines being in the family’s frightening position. With the addition of the quality photo editing, information graphics and compilation of interviews The Guardian has put together a compelling piece.

User Profile

I would say the most common user of this site would be a middle aged person who reads the Guardian regularly and is invested somehow in Australia or wildfires. Their interests may be natural disasters or news in general. They may be a reporter, fire fighter or just anyone with these interests.The user may live in Australia, near where the fire took place. The viewer would need access to an internet browser and flash. The user wouldn’t need many technical skills though. The site makes it easy to navigate for those who are inexperienced with the internet and technology.

User interface

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 4.16.34 PM

The interface of the site includes a menu bar on the right hand side. (see image) This breaks the site up into more easily digestible chapters. In each chapter there is a combination of scrolling text, ambient sound, moving background images, auto play videos, and controllable videos. If you roll over the chapters on the right it is broken up into subchapters that again make it easy to navigate, and skip to the parts you are interested in.

Over all the site has a clean straightforward design. The large type is easy to read and works well with the background images. The subtle ambient sounds works to add dimension. The videos are powerful and add to the emotional reaction the viewer has.


Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 4.14.53 PM

The simple scrolling functionality makes it easy for the user to navigate the site. It is a linear experience. The viewer simply moves down the page, and new elements like videos and images pop up. This downward motion makes sense to the viewer and is natural.

One thing that frustrated me was that some videos were auto play, while others were controllable. I wish this were more consistent. As the user I’d like to be able to control all the videos, and skip through parts I don’t want to watch.

Another larger scale issue I have with the site is there is no way to get a quick synopsis of the story. Sitting down to experience the site takes quiet some time. This may not be practical for the average person. It is a big time commitment to experience the entire story.

RIA Site Critique – Kristie Cordon

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Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 11.27.36 AM


I picked this site because I love Disney films and Disney World. I was so excited to hear that they were extending FantasyLand in the Magic Kingdom. The purpose of the site is to attract people of all ages to visit the amusement park. It is a creative way to encourage people of all ages to reflect on their favorite Disney movies and explore new territory of the Fantasyland park. I think the site effectively utilizes motion graphics, audio, video and typography in order to attract its target audience.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 11.30.12 AM


User Profile

The objective is to encourage people to visit Disney World. The target audience of this site ranges from children to adults. Disney is a family-friendly and global brand name, which has no age limitations. However, the site only offers its content in English, Spanish, and French. This creates some cultural barriers on certain cultural groups who do not speak either of those languages. The site encourages users to play an interactive feature that allows them to revisit Disney classics and explore what the new extended park has to offer. The target audience has probably seen one or many of Disney animated movies and has internet access in their area.

User Interface

The site opens up to reveal the New Fantasyland word mark, which is whimsical and eye-catching. It later fades into a map of the park expansion with intricate details of the castles, tents, trees, pathways, and landscapes. You can see smoke coming out of chimneys, flags waving, water falling and birds flying in the map, which make the viewer feel like he/she is immersed in the park. A purple mist hovers in the center banner encouraging viewers to click on the link, which takes them through an audio-guided interactive feature story of villains and heroes. The user is guided through different features of the park with colorful visuals and whimsical typography.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 11.45.06 AM



The purpose of the site is to get old and new visitors excited about the new expansion. It’s an effective way of getting families to visit the site online together – kids can play while parents are subtly bombarded with ‘book your vacation’ links. Its strong visuals and motion graphics really carry out the site and encourages users to visit Disney World.

RIA Site Critique Kendra Kleeburg

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Adventure World

I chose this site because I think that it is fun and uses animation in a clever way. The purpose of the website is to promote the theme park and provide a site where people can explore what the park has to offer and even buy tickets online.

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 9.16.36 PM

User Profile:

There are likely two different categories of users. The first category would be children between the ages of 10 and 15. They would be the main audience because they are likely the ones who want to go to theme parks and will be trying to convince their parents to take them. These are kids who have an interest in adventure and fun. I would say that there is no specific cultural background, but I would say that they would likely be middle class since the tickets are not cheap.

The other category of users would be parents (age 30-50) of the young children. The parents would be using the website to check pricing, see guidelines of the park, age appropriateness, etc. Once again I would say that there is no specific cultural background. There are no technical abilities needed.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 8.30.32 AM

User Interface:

I really like the animation that is incorporated into the map of the park. I think that it helps show what types of rides the park has in a creative visual way. The color scheme is very fun, which is perfect for a theme park. However, the background music and sound effects can get a little obnoxious. When you hover over the social media buttons at eh bottom the very end of the word does not change colors. Also, the monkey and ship icons on the sides of the web page do not scroll smoothly.


The function of the website is to make the user excited about visiting the park, which this site does. I also think that the website is set up nicely for those parents who are trying to research the park. There is a large navigation bar at the top that scrolls with the page and it categorizes information very well

RIA Site Critique-Abby Legge

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Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 10.44.38 PM


At first I chose “Your Tour” because of the cool and clean UI first presented.  I also chose it because it was associated with Google, and Google usually puts out things that are very cool technologically, but also appeals to us as humans.  This is seen especially with their ads, and the title of “Your Tour” just continued to demonstrate their way of emotionally drawing in an audience.  Once I began to play with it, however, I knew that I just had to explore it further.  The purpose of the site is to take the user on the Tour de France from start to finish.  It also weaves in history and social media posts to really show the user what it was like, and how people are feeling about it now.  It also seeks to immerse the user with photos and videos that make the user feel as if they are on the trail.

User Profile

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 11.08.59 PM

I would say that the user profile boils down to anyone who has an interest in the Tour de France, or a fascination with the technology that Google used to put it together.  The ages range anywhere 15 and over, mainly because of the universal appeal of the Tour de France itself.  It is an enigma in sporting culture, and even in common culture, as it is the ultimate test of endurance and strength.  These are two things that most of us aspire to have.  The majority of users probably have interests in biking, sports, endurance races, the race itself and/or the technology that made this experience possible.

Most users would range anywhere from student, to banker, to nurse and everything in between.  Again, I believe because the Tour de France appeals to the basic human desire to win despite obstacles.  This opens this site up to appeal to the masses.  The race itself comprises of athletes from all over the world, so many various cultural backgrounds are invested in this race.  Perhaps, however, the dominant culture would be the United States, because of our emphasis on sports and the fact that Google is an American-based company.  Yet, the site is also available in French, so it opens it up to anyone who knows English and/or French at the very least.  The user would need definite access to broadband, and probably would be more adept at technical abilities.  The instructions however are very clear, so even more novice users of technology would be able to follow along.

User Interface

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 11.10.10 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 11.11.50 PM

The UI itself is very clean and keeps to the Google brand in color, type and whimsical but intelligent feel.  There is a static grey bar at the bottom that when using the site, displays the progress along the “stage” that you are in.  The images that you see before you switch between video, images, Google Maps and graphics all depicting the journey you are on.  In the beginning, there are clear instructions on how to move through the site (fast paced scrolling!) and reminder arrows pop up in case you stop.

I believe this all works very well, as it gives a good platform for the images displayed as well as makes the user feel immersed.  The colors, while vivid, are used sparingly and do not detract from the content presented.  They made a wise choice in choosing a tar grey and a yellow reminiscent of street lines.  It all subconsciously adds to the feel of being on the road.  If there is anything that doesn’t feel right, it is the distracting “Report a Problem” and “Images © 2010 Google” tabs that pop up in the content window as you bike through the stage.  They are distracting and I believe would have better been placed in the static menu bar below with all of the other items that are more global nav-oriented.


Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 11.11.32 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 11.27.00 PM

As I mentioned before, the navigation directions given are clear, concise and in big bold type.  Every stage operates by the same scrolling method, and there is always a big “back” button in the top left corner in order to return to the beginning.  Language options are easily seen in the menu below as are links that lead you to social media, the Tour’s main website and an About pop-up.  Because this is created by Google, a lot of the familiar elements you see in Google Maps are still present and function in the same way.  For instance, you scroll through a stage until you get to a Google Map of the route.  There is the typical compass in the bottom left corner though, that lets you navigate the map like you would any other.

The few things that didn’t work, are perhaps more based the user’s accessibility to the site. Moving through the site is all based on fast-paced scrolling, which is simple for those of us with touch mouse pads.  However, if one was using a typical mouse with a wheel scroll, I can see how the movement between video, maps and photos would be more jerky and less fluid.  Also, as wonderful and exciting it is to scroll quickly through the images as if you are racing with merely two of your digits, it gets fatiguing.  If one played with this all day, carpal tunnel would be looming on the horizon.  If there was an option to play through the content without scrolling, I think that would better accommodate more users.

RIA Site Critique Tierra Taylor

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Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 1.05.18 AM

I have recently become interested in how design plays such an important part in the marketing and advertising world. Designers have to create an experience that is so captivating and one in which makes people want what is being sold. It is a very interesting aspect of storytelling. It is a true craft. This site is a prime example of how to involve the customer with the brand so that it becomes memorable.

This site is meant to promote and advertise for Virgin America Airlines. It shares the experience that a passenger would have when flying on a Virgin America airplane.  The site works to educate possible customers on the Virgin America brand and encourage possible customers to want to be a part of the experience that they have on the website.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 1.01.44 AM

User Profile

The typical user of this site directly reflects the airlines target audience. The user will range from 21 to 35 years old. They are likely to be small business owners or entrepreneurs that require frequent, inexpensive travel.  The user is likely to be college educated and within the middle class. They a definitely technically savvy, because the airline stresses all the technology that is available for their customers on each airplane. It is an airline for business class passengers that are constantly on the go and require their work to follow them no matter what.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 1.02.49 AM

User Interface 

The site effectively provides the user with an experience that is a replica of the experience that they would have if actually on a flight. There is great use of call to action on the opening page. The calls to action are clear and easy to understand. The site is also successful, because it doesn’t give the user too many interactive elements. It provides interaction in small doses so that the user is seeing the site and understanding the information for what it truly is.  The site is like a big, interactive advertisement and it does well not to not distract the user from its purpose. My biggest complain with the site is that there is no way to put the experience on pause. If a user needs to step away from their computer they have no way of pausing, moving ahead, or moving backwards.


This site functions well. I did not have any problems with it loading or stopping in the middle of the experience. It is fairly easy to operate. It does not require too much action to where the user gets lost or overwhelmed. The interactive elements are fluid and guided the entire way through.

My only complaint with the site is that it could offer more. I appreciate that there is not an overwhelming amount of interactions and information. However, I do feel like the site could include more. For example, I would like to see some kind of interactive elements that address the comfort of the airplane seats. There could have been a call to action with someone reclining in a chair in which leads to more information about the make of the furniture.

Overall, I think the company was very effective in creating an experience that is appealing to its audience.

RIA Site Critique Kelsey Ohira

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Site URL

Overview   I picked this site because I love looking at photos, but this presents them in a creative way versus the normal grid setup. I like clean design and this site allows me to search photos without being overwhelmed by too many elements. This user-friendly site is meant to allow users to browse pictures on flickr by searching tags. They can narrow down their searches by searching photos with multiple tags. This makes searching for photos easy and enjoyable.

User profile   This site is very easy to use and can be utilized by anyone who wants to find photos of something. This being said, younger users (age 14-25) would probably make best use of this because they would find this website to be a “cool” way to view images. Is it necessary to use this to find images? No, but the fun space theme creates an experience and also suggests additional tags to make your search more specific. It does not take much technical skill but someone not very comfortable with computers might not like the minimalist design and lack of instructions every step of the way. Access to broadband would be necessary to utilize this site.

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User Interface   The design is very simple but effective. I love sans serifs and caps so I appreciate the use of both on the site. It is also very neutral in terms of color palette (black, gray, white) other than the planets and then photos. The type is readable and this allows you to focus on the photos which are the most important part of the site, and the reason it exists. I also like the design of the planets and the stars in the background. It is a fun idea. The only thing I do not like is that the images on the globe itself are displayed very small. You can click to enlarge them but it makes it difficult to see what the image is of.

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Functionality   There are suggested tags and a button to easily switch to-and-from full screen mode. There is also a tab to search a new tag which allows you to easily search for a different photo once you are done with your previous search. Once viewing the globe of pictures, you simply click on the image that catches your eye and it blows up as a light box. There is then a link to the flickr page to view the original photo. You can then click out of it to view other images. To rotate the globe you hold and drag your mouse. When you want to view the next handful of images you click the “next” arrow and a new slew of photos replaces the old ones. I wish you could simply drag photos to the desktop but this does not allow you to do that. I understand it is only with flickr photos which I think also limits the pool of photos you can look at. If this were for all photos (like a google image search) it would be more successful.