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I went to an event at Newhouse that shared in which a seminar was held on each of the eight Newhouse majors. In the time allotted to the students each person was able to pick two major information sessions to go to. Even though I am BDJ I decided to go to the Advertising and TRF information sessions.  To my surprise I really enjoyed the Advertising session and found the description of the major very appealing. The panel of advertisers discussed their careers as a job that is filled with travel and exiting accounts. One of the panel members was a previous SU student who had just started working at a firm in New York City. It is crazy to me that her first job out of college is in NYC because when people speak about BDJ they usually say that your first job out of college is going to be at some small rural town in the middle of nowhere. It was refreshing to hear that advertising was different.

This event inspired me because it showed me their is more out their besides BDJ.  The only problem with that is now I am temped to switch to an advertising major.  I love BDJ but it is a highly competitive career choice that does not officially pay off finically or location wise when you first start. Where as advertising seems like if you apply to the right position and get it you can get good financial benefits right off the bat along with an exiting location.  Also the more I thought about advertising the more in demand I realized this field is because their are a ridiculous number of ads thrown at us each today which means they need a lot of man power to develop and release those adds.  Overall this advertising informational presentation inspired me because it showed me another major/career that I could see myself extremely  happy in.Advertising

non- fiction project inspiration

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Today while I was completely lost on what I was going to do for my non-fiction project on I came across this picture of my roommate Kaylynn and was instantly inspired. Today she was showing me her modeling portfolio and I was wowed by how professional her pictures were and had no idea of the extant of her modeling career.  My roommate has done modeling since she is 16 years old and has dreams of one day being a high fashion model. I asked her more about her modeling background and future plans and as she was talking I could see myself really telling a great story about her. Doing a story on such an ambitious person who not only is interested in modeling but is going to school for pre-med could really change peoples views on the stereotypical dum model.  Telling her story could really show a different side to the business and depict her two conflicting identities. One as a dedicated college student choosing the prestigious and honorable path as a doctor and the other as a dreamer captivated by the luxurious and fast paced lifestyle that comes with modeling.

Inspiration – ABC iPad App

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ABC iPad App

Overview: This is a mock up app intended to help children learn their ABCs through two different games, which feature animals that represent the letters. It’s an application that is based off of the designer’s larger project, “Animal Alphabet” which is a series of posters of the animals representing the letters that was compiled into the book. Taking these simple designs, the designer took it to a whole other level by going for an app that is both beautifully designed in a magazine/book page way, but has the interactivity of a game.

User Profile: The user of this app would definitely be a child who has not yet mastered his/her ABCs, though the app itself would be bought by an iPad owner (likely a parent). I see this parent as being one who wants to use technology productively when allowing their kids to use it , instead of just providing a distraction (kids seriously do love touch screens/interactivity, when I brought my iPad to my 10 month old niece over Spring Break she was constantly playing and tapping and jabbing to see what would happen).

User Interface: The interface is simple, clean, and playful, all of which fit the user of a child perfectly. The type is large, the colors are bold, and the directions are spelled out (more likely for a parent trying to show a kid how to use it). There is humor spread throughout the copy, which a parent would appreciate, while the interactive elements are large and bold so a child would intuitively want to click on it. I love the vector style of the animals too.

Functionality: Though this app has not actually been developed yet, the video above shows the functionality pretty fell. The navigation flow is different but perfect – it shows the two different game options by type and each slide has clickable back/forth arrows (a little too big for my liking) that are consistent. Great features like sound (animal noises) and pop up bubbles that tell you if you’re right or wrong (with wording that encourages kids to keep trying/feel rewarded) really make the app. The only thing that bothers me is as far as I can tell from the video and picture mock ups, there’s no way to tell that you need to swipe down on the cover to reveal the navigation. My intuition would be to swipe towards the right as a vertical alignment for games/magazines seems more rare.

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Overview: Every week I think I find the coolest portfolio site, and then the next week I happen to find something even cooler. Black Negative is a company website for directors, motion designers, photographers, web developers, etc. and their site is literally the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Everything is interactive, and you go throughout the site by swiping to the left. The laid out all the different projects/cases they have worked on by each having its own individual page and some different form of interaction.

User Profile: The user of this website would be anyone that wants to check out the company’s work. There would be no age cap, just people looking for some cool multimedia/design work. I am pretty sure any person could enjoy the stuff that Black Negative produces as well as the beautiful website that lays out that work. I also don’t believe there is any typical audience member, but of course those visually inclined would most likely appreciate the work the most.

User Interface: The interface is pretty simplistic, but it gets deep, in that you can go so far into the interaction that you get off the path. But they have laid out the path pretty clearly so if necessary navigation on the bottom of the page can be used to get one back to the place they were at. The interaction is a bit all over the place, but I think that only adds to the amazing experience you have as you explore the site.

Functionality: As I mentioned above, the interaction goes deep, but because of the bottom navigation, it is okay. I love the side sliding of the website versus the typically up down scroll. All in all I think they did a beautiful job laying out their projects in ways that make people want to engage with what they created and not just look at it and move on.

HTML5 Inspiration – Domani – Mary Wagner

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Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 12.41.26 PMScreen Shot 2013-04-17 at 12.32.16 PM

Overview: Domani is an agency that helps define brands via social media and other outlets. I’m not entirely sure what else they do, because they seem to present themselves as a jack of all trades (and to their credit, their website reflects that). The website uses large photographs/animations as its background and then bold text to create a clean feel, though the animations are almost overwhelming. It definitely leaves the viewer with the thought that this is a VERY creative studio.

User Profile: The user is like a business owner or employee around 20-45 years old who is wooed by fancy animations and embraces interactivity in websites openly. It’s likely someone who values form over function, because the aesthetic distracts from what Domani actually is. It’s also likely to be someone who uses a tablet or is familiar with tablet design, because their site has a lot of features that mimic iPad interactivity.

User Interface: The interface is half clean, half crazy. Full page animations are overwhelming on their facebook page, but small details (like the noisy/blurring of the arrow buttons when hovered) and the change of the background of their logo are wonderful touches.  Other than the ‘Facebook’ page, all of the full page photographs are animated subtley, which works well against their bold white type and minimalistic copy.

Functionality: I was sometimes distracted by how prolific the animations were, causing me to really disengage from the text. Even though I flipped through their whole site, and found myself impressed with the design and visuals, I couldn’t remember a lot about what Domani actually was or why it would be better than any other brand assisting studio. The portfolio part of the site is by far the most functional and best executed, with a simple list of clients and hover animations that direct you to large images of their work that reflect the brands aesthetic.


Yodabaz; Andrea Bolf

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Overview: Yodabaz is another portfolio site that I believe is beautifully well. It is a cool mesh of animation, interactivity and video clips that work together to show off all of the designer’s best work. He has a nice mix of graphic work with photo work that is displayed in a very easy to use simplistic manner.

User Profile: The user of this website would be anyone that wants to check out the designer’s work. There would be no age cap to the user that would be checking out this page but his or her interests would most likely include some form of graphic arts/photo or they would be the other side of the spectrum which would involve those clients looking for a designer for their job. The people viewing this portfolio would be from all walks of life, large age range, and a wide variety of occupations.

User Interface: The interface is extremely simplistic. I love how the page loads with the numbers popping up. The font choices used are beautiful sans serifs that are in caps to emphasize the word as well as be clear and easy to navigate for the user. My favorite part of the website is the background on all pages which seems to be a moving video/gif/image of the designer who does something different in the background every time something new is clicked on. It adds the personal touch and I definitely think it is what makes this portfolio stand out even more.

Functionality: Most of the website works because it is so simplistic and it’s not very hard to navigate. There is always a back arrow or understanding of how to get to the new page. I would only have about two complaints: 1) would be that the pages/pictures/designs load extremely slow, which makes me (and maybe other users) get annoyed and sometimes end up giving up and clicking on something else or going to a different website. And 2) Some pictures are slideshows and if you go to the way right or left your cursor becomes and arrow that is used to look through the pictures. I would never have found that if I had not by accident flung my cursor on the side, there is nowhere where directions are stated and I think that would cause some confusion with the user.

Slavery Footprint – Interactivity Inspiration

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Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 12.19.36 PM

Overview: Slavery Footprint is the coolest site I have seen in a long time. It was created by the organization Made in a Free World to spread awareness about modern day slaves and how our life choices create them.The website explains the problem (typographic animation with scrolling interactivity) and then presents a very cool, detailed, interactive survey where you input information about yourself (everything from your diet to what stuff you have in your medicine cabinet to how many clothes you own) and it tells you how many slaves work for you. Eye catching and eye opening at the same time. Seriously kickass.

User Profile: The user of this website is anybody and everybody, though I could see 20-30 somethings or more mature/passionate/outward looking teenagers being interested as well. The user is someone who wants to learn more about the world even if it implicates themselves (by showing the user how they indirectly employ slaves). I felt a lot of guilt while going through the survey and got bored with the details half way through, so the ideal user is someone who withstands these emotions and the process because of their interest in the subject of slavery.

User Interface: The interface is very simple. I love the home page with the two questions, I immediately found the one that applied to me first (“What? Slaves work for me?”). The type in the initial vertical scroll is simple but well used, with a hand vector graphic, and the graphics used throughout the survey are interesting (also vectors). Only upon reflection now am I thinking about how it’s strange how playful the interface is considering the seriousness of the subject matter, but somehow it really works.

Functionality: My only complaints about this website come in some the functionality details. Navigation is simple and the general functionality is excellent, but when I wanted to return to the home page, after starting the survey- it auto directs you to your result and you cannot visit the home page again without clearing all of your cookies (annoying). Also when you visit the home page a video pops up, and although it’s not autoplay you can be sure that I Xed out of it super quick to see the stuff behind it. The video should be presented as an option on the side- I see what they were trying to go for by having it be at the forefront to get the most views, but I think the website is effective enough without shoving it down your throat.

Bernard Testemale Portfolio; Andrea Bolf

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Overview: Bernard Testemale is a photography and this is his portfolio site. I picked this site because I loved the creative way of presenting his portfolio and how close the images and display of his work come to looking like real 3D objects. I love the use of wood, pictures, and random objects that bring his portfolio together into one creative masterpiece.

User Profile:I believe the user for this website is anyone interested in Testemale’s work. That can include students who are learning about photography, future employers or people that are looking to hire Testemale, and any person that happens upon the website and appreciates his art. I don’t think there is any exact age limit or occupation to the audience that would be viewing his portfolio site, but once again it would be a viewer that appreciated the photos he takes.

User Interface: The whole interface of the portfolio is what stood out to me. The way the details are dispersed throughout the various screens make the whole site one big experience. I love his use of sd cards, and lenses to really give you a sense that you are sitting at his table and you are looking at all the wonderful work he has produced.

Functionality: The functionality is pretty simple. There are some things that I don’t believe work quite well. I wish there was some other alternative way of viewing the images rather than having to click on each individual one. It makes viewing them very time consuming as well as annoying if you have to keep closing an image and then opening another one, rather than sliding through a slide show. I do like how you can organize and move the thumbnails on the table. At least this can help you put to the side the images you have already viewed so you don’t click them again. All in all I think Testemale designed a beautiful site that really helps him stand out in the photography world.

Waterlife; Andrea Bolf

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Overview: I picked this website because I found it will googling for interactive sites. I thought the audio and visuals really meshed together and made something that I normally would not give a second glance, quite interesting. I also like how when the page loaded the lines of the loading created waves when you would pass over them with your cursor. The purpose of the website is to educate users on water as well as give them a inside look at the documentary also titled Waterlife.

User Profile: I believe that the audience’s ages would probably be from the older teen into the adult. While the site is interactive, it is not interactive in the fun sense, but in a way of making the experience more interesting with special touches that you don’t really find on other websites. This is why I don’t think the website is targeted to young adults. The interests of the audience would most likely include biology or anything having to do with water; water life, sea life, etc. Someone who comes to this website is most likely very interested in the documentary Waterlife and wants to get more information on it. There is not much technical ability that you would need to look at this website. As long as you know how to click a cursor and be willing to explore the website by clicking all over the website, you will be able to use it.

User Interface: I do believe this is a good site that has many things that work; like the audio of water and the beautiful cinematography. I do think that there are things that do not work, such as the website looks a bit intimidating when you first see it because there are so many pictures and so many different things you can click on. I think the interface would be improved if the site pointed you to sort of a starting point.

Functionality: The website is functional. The buttons are simple and work pretty flawlessly. Like I said in the previous part, I think the experience would be improved if there weren’t so many places to click. But overall, I think the website is functional, and works.

Moodstream; Andrea Bolf

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I picked this site because I really think it’s relevant to us as graphic designers. It is a website that promotes inspiration and creativity through various channels such as photographs, videos, and music. By tweaking the settings you are able to see and hear things that mimic the characteristics of the mood you choose. I think this website is definitely a helpful tool in aiding writers/designers/etc. block.

The user of this website would most likely be 18-35 years old. They would most likely be in some creative fields since they are searching for a site that gives inspiration and this website provides it in a different way than we have seen before. Once again, the users interests would also probably be in the art or writing fields. I think it the users would be similar to those who look at Pinterest for inspiration or use Murally to create mood boards. This website is just a new fun way of aiding the creative process. The likely technical abilities of the user do not have to be extravagant. All they literally need to do for this website is be able to tweak the settings to their liking. No special computer needs necessary other than knowing how to use a mouse and having the ability to listen to audio. The broadband connection does not have to be some special system as well.

I think all in all the website works as a whole. It is very simplistic so one needs to be very nit-picky if they want to point out things that do or do not work. I believe the simplicity plays in the favor of the website. Since the idea is to inspire, the settings want to be very small and unnoticeable so the pictures/videos and music stand out the most. I also like that they videos can be paused so one can choose to only listen to the music. On the other side, it is also nice that one can choose what images (and see the mood boards) as well as mute the music if one only wants to look at the images. I do wish there was a way to hide the settings on the left, so the user can get the full experience, but that is my only complaint about what does not work.

All the buttons as I mentioned above are very easy-to-use and so the website functions very well because there is no need for prior special internet knowledge. The buttons explain themselves and are easy to move and fit ones inspirational needs.

Design Inspiration

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Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 11.44.36 AM

GE’s Plug Into the Smart Grid

GE’s website features small animations that demonstrate the benefits of their new ‘smart grid’ energy systems. It’s mostly just animation, no interaction, which I found a little confusing when it finally did come interactive with a lever that changed the heights of animations and the numbers as a kind of bar graph infographic (but that part was really cool!).

My main critique of the site is that it’s not obvious what a smart grid is, thought when you delve deeper into the navigation you can pick up clues that it’s new technology that saves you a lot of money in energy. The simplicity of the animations is lovely- but it’s so simple in explanation that the message is not clearly delivered.

One element, which I have never seen before in an interactive website, involves printing out a piece of paper with a marker on it and then clicking on buttons on the website which launch your webcam. From the webcam, an animation shoots out from the marker on the paper and you can turn it and blow into the webcam microphone to see the turbines move and turn. There is a video that demonstrates someone doing this process which makes it very clear. I’m not sure how helpful the feature is in convincing someone to switch, but it is a very interactive VERY cool feature that I’ve never seen before.

New Fantasyland; Andrea Bolf

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I picked this site because just like many others, I grew up watching Disney and being in love with Disney. So by finding a site that allows me to interact with Disney behind the scenes, is like finding a little piece of childhood. The purpose of the site is to give the users a fun filled interactive experience where they collect different symbols in each separate story. The site is an adventure.

The audience would most likely be a group of young adults, that know how to use a computer and like Disney. There will be some older users that, like me, want to relive a tiny little part of childhood and enjoy Disney, but I believe it is mostly focused for younger teens who want to interact with their fairytale stories. Interests of the audience will once again be the movies, theme parks, and full out Disney franchise. Someone who doesn’t enjoy Disney and has not watched any of the movies will not get the same experience as those who have. Since the audience is young, their occupation is most likely to be students, and their technical skills will be basic, since most of the interactivity involves clicking and listening to the story.

I think the website as a whole definitely works. It makes you feel as if you are watching a movie and really taking part in a little adventure to help your favorite Disney character. I do believe that the storytelling parts are a bit long, but once again, I’m not the target audience, and those younger than me would definitely appreciate the story being told. I love the graphics and the 3D way the images are made. I also enjoy the background music which adds that extra oomph to the experience.

While this may only be on my computer at the moment, the interactivity lags a bit, which takes away from the experience. The user would need to have a very good internet connection in order for the site to work flawlessly. Otherwise I find the site to be very simple to navigate and understand, which is good considering the target audience.

22 Awesome Flash Websites

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Award Winning Flash Sites

There had been some debate lately about the future of Flash. Many people had predicted its death. The rise of touch-screen devices, many of which don’t support Flash technology, is a key player in this subject. Certainly, Flash offers some problems when it comes to updating and SEO, not to talk about the heaviness inherent to Flash projects. Aside from that, Flash offers a level of interaction with the user that other technologies hardly can achieve, altough this is changing.

HTML5 and CSS3 seem to be becoming the new standards in web design, but we can still find some great websites designed in Flash. In this post we compiled 22 awesome Flash websites. Check them out and decide for yourself if Flash should stay or disappear for good.