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Vimeo: “One more time” by rebekah mackay  <— click me

When I decided to tackle a new project I was happy to get away from the old start something new that I actually cared about. After fooling around in flash for the whole semester and not having my old project work I actually learned a lot of what to do and not to do…how to plan better and achieve a better outcome (faster).

This new flash piece is about what running means to me. When I thought about it, running means everything! So I had to focus my thoughts into one way of describing my feelings about running. Running is something very special to me because It has given me the opportunity to do things in life that I never would have without it.

Running has opened doors, and quite honestly it was all about timing – Running helped pay for my education at Syracuse University and with some set backs came another opportunity to stay for a 5th year and obtain my masters while still competing for the team.

(in this way running has given me a second chance – and one more time at achieving my goals both as an athlete and a student.)

My project is called “one more time” because my dedication and love for running has enabled me one more time to complete the goals I have set before me….I also presume this will not be the last time that running will be my “one more time” moment in life.

I have posted my multimedia piece that is embedded in my flash as3 on vimeo. This is my description when I had to describe/rationalize my video.

“What does running mean to you?” A question I was asked by my professor when I was assigned this project. So I thought…I like to live in the moment and look towards the future…so… to answer his question: right now running means “one more time”–one last chance to compete for Syracuse University xc and track. Time is ticking, and I want to make sure I enjoy every moment of it…&… Run for it, One more time.

As for my flash AS3 project :

I Chose to have a picture that I took while on a trip at Stanford university as my background. It may seem simple or cliché but its really not – the two shadows to the right are of my two coaches: Coach Fox and Coach Bell: they are an important part of my running because they have not only coached me to be a better runner, but also a better person. My shadow is the lower left – I like to think of it as resembling a relationship without being tacky.

The stop watch that drops down and is ticking was hand drawn and brought into illustrator and psd – I wanted it to have a ticking noise to have the audience know to click it. It is kind of like a sneak peak to the multimedia piece in the end.

When you click the watch it brings you to the page where my favorite quote is displayed in a timely fashion—and describes how I race and live life.

After the words exit the main piece (movie) slides in to the stage to give a final conclusion to the actual assignment.

p.s. no tutorials.

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Websites used:,,

(note: not a specific tutorial was used while creating project one…I’m all over the place)


Rational of animation technique:

I have attempted to have stop motion movie clips appear onto the scene at different times.

Each movie clip will play when the mouse rolls over top of it, which will enable the user to click into the clip to bring them to a new scene. The scene associated with the movie clip will be the new page the user will now be viewing.


My animation is straight forward, what you see is what you get. You hoover over the clip and click – it will bring you to that page associated with the sense the viewer chose.

remember that time mine was too big for the blog...oh yeah...

MacKay The Senses

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Rebekah MacKay – Visuals for Project 1

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Rebekah : She & Him

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I chose this website because I really like this band, She & Him. I have actually never been to the website, but I thought a band website was a good place to begin my interface search. I checked out a few other bands that I like, but this website still came out on top in my opinion.


The purpose of the site is to give the audience an overview of the band. You can listen to songs from their playlist and navigate through the checkerboard/disk menu. It lets fans view news, music, show dates, lyrics, shop, photos, videos, press, see background story, and join a mailing list.




Young adults seem to be the target audience. The site is very retro and modern, so the audience might like vintage aspects in there design. I think the audience would be in the range of 17-30 years old and be primarily females. The audience might also have similar profiles to fans of M.ward (who is the man in the she & him duo).

There interests might include thrift shopping or collecting records. I see the audience as a bit crafty and creative in a simple kind of way.





what works: the simple and clean design. It is basic and limited color pallet. There are a mixture of textures and geometric shapes that give you a good feeling for the bands character. It is both vintage and modern. The clouds floating in the background are subtle but give the homepage character. Scrolling over the yellow squares to see pictures is a nice simple way to show a visual.


what doesn’t work: when you click the “disks” that have topics to link you to a new page, then page that you are linked to does not have the same “feel” as the homepage. the secondary links have a blogger kind of feel that is not as slick as the opening page. and the titles move to the left side and are not consistent with the homepage (shape wise) which really bothers me.




The site is pretty straight forward, nothing too crazy. It took me a little while to realize some of the things that looked like links (roll over pictures) would not go anywhere. The only things that linked to something new are the words themselves.


what works: easy navigation and clean design. the use of whitespace was used very well — sometimes sites can go too far and look cluttered. The simplicity of the functional feature of this site is welcoming for all who visit.


what doesn’t work: when you click on a link it brings you to a new page which in my opinion is fine looking but the right hand side has a twitter feed and more links below that make me feel cluttered and confused as to where i should be navigating.


I have only looked at this site on a computer — I have not accessed it from my phone to see how the interface works from a mobile device.