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Nora Molina – Lust

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My deadly sin was lust. I began with a very straightforward concept and completely did a turn around. The idea behind my project was to evoke the users mind to think “dirty”. Once this was accomplished the user would see that what they thought was sexual actually wasn’t. My intentions were to make it a funny iteractive that would make the user laugh at at how provocative and unprovocative it was at the same time. I think I accomplished this but I have to admit I think I can keep working on this project to take it to its full potential. Overall as frustrating as it was to make the interactivity work it was really rewarding to watch it function when I figured out the technical side of it.

RIA Infinite Oz Site Critique Nora Molina

September 4, 2013 |  by  |  Inspiration, Student Work  |  Comments Off on RIA Infinite Oz Site Critique Nora Molina

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I chose this site because I thought it was a creative way to promote the TV mini series of  Tin Man on SciFi and I really liked that they collaborated with international graphic artists to create an illustration experience of what the show is about.

User Profile

The users of this website are likely to know what the Wizard of Oz is and are likely to have an interest in scifi television shows or  an interest in alternate plots to a well known classic fantasy story. Theses users are probably between the teen and adult population since it isn’t exactly what a child would be interested in watching or participating in the interactive website since most of it involves reading. I think their cultural background would probably mostly be American but other english speaking people who have an interest in fantasy and the Wizard of Oz would also be interested in the website. It isn’t difficult to navigate the site so as long as you can read I think anyone could enjoy it if they have related interests.

User Interface & Functionality

Interface: When opening the site you are given the option to speed up or slow down the process in which the illustrations travel within each other. The illustrations lead or transition into other illustrations without changing its image sort of like the twilight zone it continues zooming into one aspect of the illustration leading into another illustration until the cycle repeats itself. There’s two audio tracks one of which has a fantasy mystery feel to it and the other track is made up of voices from the TV series.

Functionality: As you travel through the illustrations you can click on ‘scene info’ which gives you information about the scene or illustration you are on. You can move from that section onto other scenes without changing the illustration in the background. There’s also a credits tab which gives you a list of people and artists they collaborated with and they also give you the option to turn off the music and voice audio.

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Interface works: I think what works is how the illustration builds into the next illustration and the music creates an experience and gives you the feeling of wanting know more which makes you click on the scene info. The colors and music create a feeling of coolness and warmth which goes well with the music.

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Functionality works: Being able to speed up its transitioning is a step into the interaction part and into skipping scenes.

Functionality & Interface doesn’t work: I think what doesn’t work is that not many scenes are given, you can’t skip illustration scenes you just have to speed up its transitioning or wait for the next illustration as you read about the scenes which makes it a bit confusing because then the scenes don’t line up with the illustrations. I also wish you could interact with the illustrations more but besides speeding it up and clicking on the scene info you can’t do more.