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My Brain on Flash

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I want my flash website to be a portfolio site that illustrates my multi-dimensional skillset and creativity. When asked the question “So, what is it that you want to do with your life?”, I typically get overwhelmed with explaining that there is no one thing… I just want to show the asker my brain (and my portfolio).

The landing page will fade up my illustrated brain. Upon hovering, the text with lines indicating which parts of the brain pertain to which part of my portfolio will fade up, along with my name. When a user clicks on the individual parts of the brain, they will pop up and move up while everything else disappears. A slideshow and list of thumbnails will be revealed. The un-diagrammed portions of the brain will be “secret” components with random content such as what I’m listening to and my favorite videos.

Ideally once I’m finished, the diagrammed (with text) portions of the brain will open up to different parts of my portfolio.

Tutorials Used:
Flash CS5- The Missing Manual
Republic of Code
In-class tutorials


Tim Burton’s awesome flash website!

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Marina Zarya Project 1

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Final Version




Really really cool video

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More cool stuff!

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Marina Zarya BIOPIC

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The above thumbs are what I worked on for this week. I basically did everything that I planned to do, without changing directions, which is a first for me. Normally I decide I want something completely different halfway through working on something. Now that I see my project, I’m not sure that I like it. I’m also not sure why. Part of me thinks it’s too boring, and too obvious. I was in love with the typography at first, because it looks free-form, rockabilly and tattoo-shop-esque, which is what I was going for with the illustration. Now after working with it for some time, I think it’s tacky. Help!

Quick note: Beware of going between Illustrator CS4 and CS5.5. I lost some of my illustration and typography, because I started in 5.5, brought it into 4 at home, and then re-opened it in 5.5.

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I’ve been involved with the startup community at SU for the last semester, and have seen GraFighters present in a few of my classes. I’m very attracted to their product because I am a fellow doodler and illustration fanatic. I love the work and technology that the founders came up with for this project over the last two years, and they are only getting better. They really programmed action script and Flash to work in a unique way to immerse their users in a totally unique web experience. is an online space that allows users to upload doodles and designs of characters from their computers or phones, and then battle other characters created by other users. The site is purely recreational.


User Profile

The typical user for is someone between the ages of 12 and 25 who enjoys online and video gaming, new technology, social media, design, programming, art, and illustration. The user is most likely an early adopter or innovator from a first-world, connected English-speaking country, predominantly the US, who is on the lookout for ways to be creative with new media and technology. He or she is probably a middle to upper class student (most of whom are always online) or a young professional with access to a computer or device that is well-equipped to handle the intense graphics of The user is proficient with mobile uploading and scanning, because the site requires those kinds of technical abilities.



User Interface is very user friendly and intuitive from the very beginning. Upon entering the site, the user is greeted with a beautifully illustrated landing page and prompt to explore the website by creating an account.


I like the following about the site:

Registering and getting started is very quick. It literally took me under two minutes, not including drawing my character.

  1. You can log in using Facebook
  2. The design is very well done, and though there isn’t much white space, it works very well for its purpose.
  3. The navigation is very simple
  4. The page loads fast
  5. The website is very entertaining
  6. I feel productive (in a procrastinating kind of way) when I use this site because although I have not created something of substantial value, I got to draw a cool character and test it out in battle.

I don’t like the following about the site:

  1. The typeface, though cute, gets visually annoying after a while. It’s too cute, which you would think is not a problem. But for keeping me on the site for long periods of time, it is.
  2. The character animation is difficult; you are somewhat limited to what you can have your character do because you cannot see the animation scheme before you upload your character. The animation scheme only allows your character to be humanoid, and does not account for more than 4 limbs and one head.



The functionality of is very straightforward, which is fantastic considering how complicated online and video gaming can get. On your home screen after you have logged in, you have two options: To create new characters, or to view your newsfeed that shows you recent battles.


What works:

  1.  Unless you already know what is, you won’t be able to tell what it does immediately. In order to find out, you have to log in.
  2. Everything is pretty much intuitive. It is very easy to get from point A to point B.
  3. The buttons are nice and large, things don’t move around too much.
  4. Everything is visually consistent

What doesn’t work:

  1. The sketchbook navigation tab is a little odd because I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with it one I land on that screen. I see my character and some options to upload new ones, but I had that at my home screen.
  2. I can’t easily browse other people’s characters just for fun; it seems the site always wants me to do something, rather than giving me the option to figure it out first.