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Project 3 – Sloth

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For my topic, Sloth, I chose to focus on typography and how the art of creating type has dwindled from artistry to simplicity. I chose to animate how a Blackletter ‘S’ would would sketched out, inked, and then filled in. Then it transforms to a computer screen with a cursor blinking to spell out the word ‘sloth’ in sans-serif type. This represents how typography has gone from a full-time occupation to a thing we all take for granted. Generations today who use technology don’t realize the time and effort it takes to create a typeface and how it affects our daily lives. The end takes you to a youtube link about the history of typography, which I think is appropriate for the importance of typography.

Project 2 – Syracuse vs. New York state Income Rates

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For this infographic, I chose to showcase the mass differences between the average income rates between New York state and  Syracuse area. For the beginning portion, I chose to do a small introduction between the U.S., New York state and Syracuse. Each area is represented by a different opacity of red. At the end, the infographic allows the user to click on one of the three topics to go back and view the specific topic again.

Project 1 – Audrey Hepburn

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For this doodle animation, I chose to represent my favorite actress Audrey Hepburn. I chose to represent all the places her movies have taken place and showcase a silhouette of her little black dress. The green vespa is an iconic image taken from her first big role in ‘Roman Holiday’ and I used it to represent her travel spree from Rome to Paris to London and then New York City.

RIA Site Critique – Kristie Cordon

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I picked this site because I love Disney films and Disney World. I was so excited to hear that they were extending FantasyLand in the Magic Kingdom. The purpose of the site is to attract people of all ages to visit the amusement park. It is a creative way to encourage people of all ages to reflect on their favorite Disney movies and explore new territory of the Fantasyland park. I think the site effectively utilizes motion graphics, audio, video and typography in order to attract its target audience.

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User Profile

The objective is to encourage people to visit Disney World. The target audience of this site ranges from children to adults. Disney is a family-friendly and global brand name, which has no age limitations. However, the site only offers its content in English, Spanish, and French. This creates some cultural barriers on certain cultural groups who do not speak either of those languages. The site encourages users to play an interactive feature that allows them to revisit Disney classics and explore what the new extended park has to offer. The target audience has probably seen one or many of Disney animated movies and has internet access in their area.

User Interface

The site opens up to reveal the New Fantasyland word mark, which is whimsical and eye-catching. It later fades into a map of the park expansion with intricate details of the castles, tents, trees, pathways, and landscapes. You can see smoke coming out of chimneys, flags waving, water falling and birds flying in the map, which make the viewer feel like he/she is immersed in the park. A purple mist hovers in the center banner encouraging viewers to click on the link, which takes them through an audio-guided interactive feature story of villains and heroes. The user is guided through different features of the park with colorful visuals and whimsical typography.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 11.45.06 AM



The purpose of the site is to get old and new visitors excited about the new expansion. It’s an effective way of getting families to visit the site online together – kids can play while parents are subtly bombarded with ‘book your vacation’ links. Its strong visuals and motion graphics really carry out the site and encourages users to visit Disney World.