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April 7, 2010 |  by  |  unfathomable  |  1 Comment
Just throwing out this question…. isn’t the point of the feet/lower leg idea that each pair of feet represent a different style.. like “punk”, “classical”, etc… in coming up with really abstract categories doesn’t that sort of take away from the signifiers of the feet? do we simply then just find a bunch of random “different” feet that really have no meaning… it seemed like the feet idea made sense navigationally because a user could look at them and say, “oh, that’s clearly this type of music or that type of music… haven’t they lost meaning if the categories are random?
— end rant —

with that said…



…basically words that end in “y” because I think they sound nice. and they’re broad reaching.

I am pretty much in 100% agreement with Monica about transitions, but I really like Chris’s idea of something triggering everyone to leave. I will continue to think it over.

Miller site concept

April 5, 2010 |  by  |  Project Four, Student Work, unfathomable  |  Comments Off on Miller site concept

The concept for this video came from the idea that music is all around us, all the time. It is an integral part of our community. I wanted to somehow show these videos within the context of Syracuse/CNY. I decided to keep the interface and user experience really clean and simple, while using the transitions to give you a sense of place and distinct personality.

Transitions will be movie clips of different scenes around Syracuse, different people doing different things (or objects that represent syracuse –(salt…. other things?). They don’t necessarily have to relate directly to the video they are tied with, the point is that this music is all over the community and sometimes we don’t even realize it. It’s just a natural part of things. So people in Syracuse in their natural environments will usher in these videos, unaware that they are part of this musical experience. It’s just life.

Once you click on one of the random scenes from the home page, the experience goes full screen, and you are taken into the scene. It lasts for a few seconds. In the case of the waitress, she serves a cup of coffee to “the user” at a table, and the camera (represents user-eye-view) zooms into the coffee cup, which then becomes one of the music videos. At the end of the video, the camera zooms out of the coffee cup and the screen returns to the home screen as the clip goes shrinks to its original size.


The home page is a big movie clip grid that moves around (maybe to a subtle music beat?) When you hover over one of the clips the clip wiggles a bit, encouraging you to click it.

The process for getting to a video clip:

  • Click on one of the stills on the home page
  • Zooms into the clip the user selects, e.g.  the potato

  • Some sort of action happens – the potato gets chopped and chopped until all the pieces “fill” the screen into blackness
  • The video starts.

This concept would be applied to all the clips- something happens in the scene and part of the scene becomes where the video player resides (inside a cup of coffee, a graffitied wall, a pile of chopped potatoes, etc. etc.) At the end of the clip the video transitions out of whatever element in the scene it came from.

sort of like…. this

Live from 315

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5 words:

Dedication – Spirituality – Vibes – Unity – Connection

Visual Concept

What resonated most with me after watching all of the videos is that these artists are so varied in tone, style, background, etc., but they all have a similar message- do what you are passionate about and make sure your voice is heard. With that in mind, I made the mockup above of what is sort of in my head right now.

I think that these artists speak for themselves really well, so a gimmicky design that shows how diverse/underground/edgy/indie they are in unnecessary- the content says it all. My idea uses a lot of transparency and navigation/playback elements that disappear, leaving full screen photos and videos whenever possible, so that the experience becomes more immersive. I want the site to feel like you’re sitting at the concert, not like you’re sitting in front of your computer watching a youtube clip of a concert.

I think the page should be a bit darker, I’ve seen a lot of video sites that have this sort of “lights out” mode where the elements around the video get darker so you can focus more on the video. I think that’s a smart idea, so the whole site is sort of dark, with the navigation elements popping in reversed out white, or the chartreuse highlight color when the mouse enters a certain field.

Other than that, I’m not 100% sure what I’m feeling, especially navigating between pages and what different pages are needed. (I almost wish every time you came to the site, a different random video was playing so that you could get a taste of the randomness.)

Web sites


Blueprint Studio

Best Radio

David Miller Project III

March 25, 2010 |  by  |  Project Three, Student Work  |  1 Comment

For some reason it takes about 45 seconds after my .swf loads for the music features to actually work. When they do, clicking on Tom makes him sing (click on the wheat to make it stop), then there is a traditional music player on the Music page.


I made some changes in this version of my Tom Waits site.

  • Player on music page is redesigned, the buttons actually function by playing, pausing, and resetting the song. The volume slider also works.
  • The music player is no longer tied to the bobbing gramaphone– it remains on the screen at all times. No more glitches and weird disappearances.
  • Redesigned the tour location cards on the tour page. They are simpler and easier to read. They should link to maps on a new page, but for some reason the _blank linking is making the text look weird…so maybe that will be in version 4…
  • More subtle animations to come…


School of Flash “How to make a pause button”

Dynamic sound fade

Stuff posted on the blog

Chris’s crazy player that didn’t work because .xml files were saving as rich text. My bad.


Miller | Zipped Files

David’s First Flash Project

March 8, 2010 |  by  |  Project Two, Student Work  |   |  Comments Off on David’s First Flash Project

This is intended to be a Web site for the always eccentric musician and actor, Mr. Tom Waits. Waits is untamed and a little gruff.. sort of mumbly, has a bit of a bayou swampy flare and charm to his personality, and that’s why people love him and his music. To capture these aspects of Tom, I kept my color palette to a warm, earthy mixture of greens and reds and tans. Backgrounds and skies are made of animal skins, and many elements are meant to reflect a sort of travel/antique map sort of look (hence the map border, and the early 20th century propeller plane that makes an appearance every so often) think safari meets Louisiana bayou. Everything is supposed to look like a real place, but in a dream-like, bizarre way.

Introduction (might only be visible when the page first loads, it goes away quick!)

  • This is meant to be a “loading screen” but it doesn’t actually work, its fake.
  • The compass needle spins around 360 degrees, then the compass slides down the page and gets smaller, coming to a stop at the map border, where it remains as the top of the navigation menu
  • The page fades into the “home” page

Home page

  • If you hover over Tom, he glows!
  • Once you’ve hovered over Tom, quotes fly in from  offstage left and right . Tom is famous for his word play and crazy song lyrics.
  • Click on Tom and he will begin to sing “Pasties and a G-string”, one of his raunchier songs.
  • Click on the wheat below him to make him stop singing.
  • If you hover over the compass, the navigation menu pops up and you can go to the different sections


  • By default because of where the cursor is, the page might look a little frozen, but don’t worry- it does stuff!
  • Move your cursor away from the gramaphone (old record player) and the song info box will dissapear
  • Move your cursor on to the gramaphone and it will bob up and down in the water, creating ripples, and the song info will pop back up
  • Click on the bottom song in the song info box to hear “Little Drop of Poison”
  • Click on the middle song to make “Little Drop of Poison” stop playing


  • If you navigate to the tour section, the propeller plane swings by for a bit, and clouds begin to role in, setting sort of a foggy up in the air sort of mood- it’s Tom’s tour, he’s traveling.
  • If you mouse over the names of the cities going along the mountain ridge, the names change to dates and the bars underneath do a little bounce action
  • As per the (really good) suggestion from someone in the class (Sam, maybe?) additional tour information is displayed for each city on the tour in front of the mountains. Now you can figure out how to buy the tickets

My audience for this site is definitely current Waits fans. I hope that this site would illustrate Tom’s character to a non-fan, but I think, overall, it makes a little more sense to someone who has heard his sound and gets his schtick. They probably are also pretty weird themselves, fairly tech savvy, and don’t need to spend much time searching for the info that they want about Waits. They know what they want to know and where to go to get it. The site is really more of a fun, alternate depiction of the guy, not necessarily supposed to be info-heavy and super biographical.

Lynda, isn’t she wonderful?

Dynamic sound fade – not yet implemented, but maybe in version 3?

Using sound in AS3

Republic of code


Hours of iTunes like no other


Miller’s project II, all zipped up.

Want to make an “mp3 player” ?

February 24, 2010 |  by  |  Project Three, Tutorials  |  Comments Off on Want to make an “mp3 player” ?

I found this great tutorial explaining how to turn a button into a music player…. It was really easy, you just need a button made for “stop” and a button for “start” and the code itself is pretty self explanatory.

…If you click on Tom in “biography” a song plays, if you click the wheat the song stops.

…If you go to “Discography”, by clicking on the bottom song it starts playing music, clicking on the middle song stops the music.


DOWNLOAD >> Here are my files, probably mostly for Chris? But for anyone too! sorry if they’re a mess.

Interesting Flash article

February 21, 2010 |  by  |  unfathomable  |  Comments Off on Interesting Flash article

I thought this article about Flash was interesting… (comic below has nothing to do with anything…but if you haven’t seen xkcd, they’re often design/tech/life related).

Google Superbowl XLIV Commercial

February 7, 2010 |  by  |  Inspiration, Project One, unfathomable  |  2 Comments

Google commercial

Google Superbowl XLIV commercial

Sorry I couldn’t get the video to embed, but check out the link above.

I know this isn’t a Web site… but it’s a commercial for a Web site, and I think it does an effective job evoking emotion through content, pacing, and most of all the aural components… I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a Google commercial before, but I think this one was pretty cool. I like “Search on” too.

Project 1 process

January 25, 2010 |  by  |  Project One, Student Work, unfathomable  |  ,  |  Comments Off on Project 1 process

I chose to do project 1 on Tom Waits, so the first thing I did was search for as many different images of him as I could. I then looked at stills from his movies, and the covers of his albums. I loved the tone of the cover of his CD Mule Variations, and a particular still from his movie Down by Law (1986).

mule variations down by law Alligator skin

It’s hard to tell, but in the middle image he’s holding a badass pair of boots, which are the inspiration for the various animal skins used as textures and backgrounds throughout (right is alligator skin).

robert parkeharrison Peter Beard

I like the bizarre, eerily dreamy looking photo work of Robert Parkeharrison (L), and the African safari collages of Peter Beard (R). So based on all of those references, these are the photoshop files I’m playing around with right now…

Miller Miller_TW2 … some pretty cool lightbulbs

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bio agency …

January 25, 2010 |  by  |  Inspiration, Project One  |  Comments Off on …