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Project 1 Redo

May 11, 2010 |  by  |  Project One, Student Work  |  Comments Off on Project 1 Redo

This mock-up should look familiar as it is what eventually became my projects 2 through 4. It looks drastically different from my original submission. The only carry overs is the branch the the sketched elements. When a visitor first comes to the site they will see the branch with me swignging from it and one portfolio thumbnail. to get to each of the other pages, about and portfolio, the user would click on my caricature and the thumbnail respectively.

Doing either would shift the visible screen either down or to the right to see the About and Portfolio sections. The About section will grow and fade in a thought bubble which will hold the content such as resume, about and online sections.

Once you click into the portfolio, the bird on the branch will jump to the rope and the hanging thumbnails all serve as link to different areas of my portfolio and wiggle on hover. When you click on the thumbnails they zoom in and reveal other images within that portfolio category.

Most of the elements were sketched in illustrator using the pen tool. I think the overall style is really representative of myself. One of the most popular comments is that the site is “very me.”

Danielle’s Category/Transition Proposal

April 7, 2010 |  by  |  unfathomable  |  Comments Off on Danielle’s Category/Transition Proposal


for the heart/ for the soul/ for the people/ for the mind/ for the body/ for the fun of it

I noticed that while each video was unified by their respect for music’s ability to unite, express and heal, each one also had subtle differences in which facet of life music most affected them.

For example, music helped the mind of the Alzheimer’s patients while Syracuse Symphony Orchestra, Restoring Harmony and One Question could be classified under “For the People” because they are about music in the context of a community.

Obviously, Tots would be under “For the Fun of it.” Also, categorizing the videos in this way leaves room for interpretation (much like music, itself) and creates a theme among the categories themselves.


As for as transitions, I like the idea of injecting some 315 flavor into them so the site is more unique to the area rather than music in general. An overhead view of feet pointed into a “pow-wow” type circle would reference the unifying elements of music.

I liked Chris’s idea of having different “scenes” or situations that cause the group to break up. Regardless of what prompts the pow-wow to disperse, I think the selected pair should remain on screen longer. I don’t think we necessarily need any complex video transitions at that point. If the pair of shoes just hangs out a few seconds after everyone else and then jumps up or rolls out, allowing the video to fade in.

Danielle: Live from the 315

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For my design, I tried to form a skyline out of objects that represent different videos. For example, the Tots video is represented by french fries. I thought a skyline plays up the idea that the projects are about music specifically in the 315 area. The map in the background also relates to this idea.

On rollover, the silhouette will become the object and show a still and description for its corresponding video. Once the user clicks the video, the skyline will drop down and the video will become full screen.

Curing an addiction I didn’t know I had

March 31, 2010 |  by  |  unfathomable  |  , ,  |  Comments Off on Curing an addiction I didn’t know I had

There is no clicking in this site. Not links, not text fields, NOTHING!! My pointer finger quickly started to experience withdrawal. Despite my expert counseling it couldn’t maintain it’s clicking sobriety for more than half a minute. It’s a hard habit to kick (or flick).

Dani’s brainstorm….or mental drizzle

March 31, 2010 |  by  |  Project Four, Student Work, unfathomable  |  Comments Off on Dani’s brainstorm….or mental drizzle

5 Words : Talking Heads | Quirky  | Underground | Niche | Community

Some Baller Sites To Get The Juices Flowing

1. Walk the Line Festival

I like the website for the Walk the Line Festival because it is simultaneously simple and complex. The lines and doodles and uncomplicated but still contain a lot of interactivity.

2. Buildup!

The above site is actually for an Asian builder’s association but they have a feature tat allows the user to “build” music from construction sounds. Overall, I like the textured background paired with collage-esque designs.


This site looks a little nickelodeon but it uses an interesting navigation system. The user starts of by clicking their mood from a grid which creates a winding path linked by different songs that might strike your fancy.

4. Moodstream

This site has lots of pictures and music but isn’t really about video hosting. Nonetheless it is super sweet! It lets you chose from a range of emotions including happy, sad, lively etc. and then creates a playlist/slideshow to fit your mood.

5. Second Story

I figured at least one of the five sites should have a more traditional, clean look to it. Nonetheless, I like how different videos/projects on the site can be reached through a grid on the home page and then clicked through like a slideshow. The background can also be changed to better match the mood of each piece.


I like the idea of designing a site that can unite the similarities of the videos while also showcasing their differences. This could be achieved through by varying color or associating each video with it’s own graphical element.

Also, since this site is about music specifically in the Syracuse, perhaps the site itself can reference the city. For example, the home screen might be some sort of map or other representation of the SYR and each video nestled on a different “street” or “corner” of the map.

Danielle Carrick:: Project 3

March 24, 2010 |  by  |  Project Three, Student Work  |  Comments Off on Danielle Carrick:: Project 3

The latest version has a few improvements and additions. I added a simple audio player to play a song I’ve been really into lately, which would theoretically change weekly.

The giggling egg is no longer an animation without a cause. It is now a link to my facebook page.

I removed a stray leaf that would appear when it wasn’t supposed to. The bird now flies back to the branch from the rope when one navigates from the portfolio state to the home state. Also, my bio is now handwritten and the navigation in the About state have larger hit areas.

Admittedly, the “online” won’t work because somewhere in the two lines of code something isn’t happy and certain things are still throwing errors. Grrr…

To top it off, after I uploaded the swf and before I zipped all of my files, I tried to tweak something and now a whole bunch of links in my fla aren’t responding and no amount of control + Z is ameliorating the situation. I pinky swear I keep at it and re-post when all is well.

ZIP::  Carrick Project 3

DC First Flash Website

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Project 1


The drawn branch is the only element to survive form project 1 to project 2. I threw out the textured backgrounds, mountains, flowers and a whole bunch of other crap to create this stripped down scene.
I like how each state is just a small window of the overall whole.
The site opens up on the branch, with a sketched version of myself swinging from the tree on the bottom of the frame and a clothesline to the right with links to my portfolio.
One of the most popular reactions to the site so far is that it is “very me” which I guess is the goal.
Most of the illustrations were hand-drawn in illustrator using a wacom tablet and the pen tool. Since this website is about me, I made sure all of the elements were self-generated.
The animations are relatively simple (although we all know simple in flash can still mean hours of tweaking!).
The transitions are simple shifts and zooms to match the simplicity of the site. When you click on the clothesline thumbnails, the site zooms in. In the future I will embed players to view all the images in each portfolio. I am also still working on creating tooltips.

I definitely referenced a bunch of tutorials, especially those on the blog, but here are a few I remember::

Create Links

Tooltips (via Azar)


Conditional Statements

I lost the folder with my inspiration images when my thumb drive crashed in the beginning of the semester but I looked at a bunch japanese style paintings for inspiration for the branch and the bird as well as searching those terms in iStock photo. Suggestions from Harper and DMillz led to the creation of the tire swing and the portfolio clothesline.

A Start…

February 5, 2010 |  by  |  Project One, Student Work, unfathomable  |  ,  |  4 Comments

Hello GRA 500,
I’m doing Project 1 on myself and the images above are what I have come up with thus far. The first image with the branch is intended to be my home screen. I anticipate animate the leaves to blow int he wind, and the bird to fly/walk/chirp. As far as navigation goes, I want the various elements like the leaves, the nest or the bird to serve as links to pages for my portfolio and about me.

The second image is what I might do for the portfolio page. I think the thought bubble serves as a good place to place content. However, I feel like this deisgn is lacking something.

I’m looking for suggestions on possible transitions or elements to enhance the page. The portfolio page needs something else as well but I can’t think what. Any comments, good and bad, are greatly appreciated!! – Illustrated Music

January 25, 2010 |  by  |  Inspiration, Project One  |  Comments Off on – Illustrated Music

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