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Christopher Azar | Flash Project Two Redo

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As seen by Chris’ Mom..

The design is very plain an clean because I wanted to highlight the video contents. The pastel colors embody the spirit of mother’s day and of spring. The video panel has a a nice little rounded edges boarder and an inner shadow to give the panel some depth. I also used flowers as the video buttons that spin as a call to action but are also in line with the spring theme.

The video panel is the same dimensions as my web cam capture 640x480px.
Tutorials I used were the one prof Harper made for us when for creating a video player and making custom buttons to control volume/play pause and back.

Christopher Azar Project Two Redo | ZIP

New Sliding Nav

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Here is a redone version of the sliding nav

Happy Mother’s Day

May 7, 2010 |  by  |  Inspiration, Project One  |  Comments Off on Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday so how better to celebrate than with a quick little flash site ?

look at those menus boogie!

May 6, 2010 |  by  |  Inspiration, Project Two  |  Comments Off on look at those menus boogie!

some smooth easing properties making these slide around a mask.

Bio Team Update

April 12, 2010 |  by  |  unfathomable  |  Comments Off on Bio Team Update


I’ve emailed the PHO 625 kids with a request for times they would be free to shoot this week. We can plan on having a shoot this week and have every one by the end of the weekend. Renee, I don’t have studio access so we will be in touch.
On main page, another set of feet will be a link to the bio page. That set of feet can have a prop such as a camera. The bio page itself will be a grid with head shots of each of the photographer. On rollover, the head shot will fade into an image or video of their feet and OnClick will reveal content.

Video Transition and bio page possible mock up. Is posted below.

Will be the main nav on load.. notice the camera on the right for the bio link

The image then spins and the 'bio' legs go to the top.

Once you click one of the thumbnail faces (which I have not included) a folder load and moves in from bottom and opens to reveal the image below

This is a rough template of a possible bio page.

I’ve also created a logo that I think would work really well.
quoted from my discussion post on the group..

I think it’s a winner. Feel free to play with the colors, but here’s
the explanation behind it.. I wanted something that felt organic and
handwritten given the nature of the characters and stories we are
dealing with but also pretty tight and legible when really small as it
will be for our home button.
I’ll upload a jpg and the illustrator file to the ‘files’ section.”

here’s the jpg..

Transitions and Sorting

April 7, 2010 |  by  |  unfathomable  |  Comments Off on Transitions and Sorting

I was thinking about what would make a group of people that are sittin’ around pow-wow style get up and leave.

Contrasting Transitions

Rain Showers.
It’s especially true in Syracuse. A more obvious weather idea for syr was a snow storm (but how many people sit around in a circle when it’s cold enough to snow?)

The 5-0 Show up.
Contrasting with that, the cops showing up (just a red/blue flashing light and a siren maybe) could make everyone scatter.

Gun shots
also very syracuse-esk.

Dinner Time
Then I thought about more contrast.. a mom calling her kids in for dinner or where I’m from, when the streetlights come on.
Passing Gas.
Then maybe someone farting could clear the room.. the site wouldn’t be complete without a little toilet humor.

School Bell.
maybe a bell rings.. it’s time for class or maybe a car horn honks “my ride is here” kind of thing
Ice cream truck jingle
I have great memories of summer time choco-tacos and could have a reconnect with viewers as well

I was thinking we would only have to shoot everyone’s feet running off once but play the different effects (sounds/flashing lights/whatever) over the one transition of everyone running away and the video appearing. Another idea was having all but one pair disappear (which would be a lot harder to shoot).

coincide with the transitions to keep things consistent.

so they would include:
rebels  (run from cops)

free spirits (run from rain)

humorous (farting)

Innocent (school bell rings)

Live in 315 Sketches

April 5, 2010 |  by  |  unfathomable  |  Comments Off on Live in 315 Sketches

I have a slide up, slide out nav to maintain a full vid experience.

LIVE from 315

March 30, 2010 |  by  |  unfathomable  |  Comments Off on LIVE from 315

Brainstorming is a funny thing. I recently bought a waterproof moleskin for the bathroom.. seems like I get a bunch of ideas in the shower/on the toilet/restless in bed before I fall asleep. Anyways, here are a few baller websites that host music and or music vids.  I’m also still working on an interface.. I def think I’m gonna steal deezer’s feature bar for my design.

If you copy from one author, it’s plagiarism. If you copy from two, it’s research. My addition: steal from many and it’s art.

Deezer.. this site basically streams music of multiple artists like a groove shark does but maintains the flavor of featured artists and does a good job of promoting them.
This kind of site is a lot like 315 and I love the flash bar at the top that rotates through with a huge image but also a play button. Def my fav so far. It also has a mini player bar at the top with a plethora of controls. I wish it remained at the top when you scrolled. It would be even cooler if you could pin/un-pin the nav bar to the top.
Could we have “fav” button for people to pick their favorites and those would go into a playlist? a comment box may be a bit much but i like the playlist option.

Tracy Chapman.. Great artist.. sweet painting site. I love the interactive component. Wouldn’t fit for our project but we should definitely have something interactive that would have people telling their friends.I also love the subtle animations (birds flying, people walking).



Britain Rock.. There’s 3 versions of the same page. I think it’s over kill but I like the header graphics/photos/flavor quite a bit.




The Sides.. a sweet band page.. that doesn’t actually have music on it but has potential and a good base design.


The Killers Site.. tasty little frame.. reminds me of maxx’s site


Beautiful Losers Trailer

March 29, 2010 |  by  |  unfathomable  |  Comments Off on Beautiful Losers Trailer

I really like this trailer and can relate to some of the stuff they are talking about and have a feeling a few of you may too. So enjoy.

Slick Page Transitions

March 29, 2010 |  by  |  Project Two, Tutorials  |   |  2 Comments

Arron and friends check these jquery page transitions that look like flash tweens.

Azar Flash Site III

March 25, 2010 |  by  |  Project Three, Student Work, unfathomable  |  Comments Off on Azar Flash Site III

So I finally love flash. And for the most part it has really been cooperative lately. So there are a good number of changes from the last submission but still a bunch left. So first, I added a music player to the lower right hand corner of the page. it has 4 working buttons (play, pause, forward and back). The trackes are saved in an external folder named “audio” and the track and artist names are dynamic text fields and are called from an xml file.

I also simplified the introduction and changed all the typefaces to a hand pressed label maker look. Then I went off and tried to find a better way to make heart and head items. So if you click on the heart it unfortunately isn’t 3d but 6 movie clips (which act as buttons) appear and on hover you can see a description and on mouse out it disappears. I am going to do the same kind of thing for the head but for the head buttons if you click they will send you to an external url (facebook, my blog, whatever).

I am also going to work on the transitions. I need to make it so you can go from the head to the heart and vice versa without having to go home first. Also, I want to make the head/heart compartments close before going to the next section.

Zip:: Azar Project III

music player

March 22, 2010 |  by  |  unfathomable  |  Comments Off on music player

super sweet.. relatively simple

I used a couple basic buttons from the common library and changed them around to make my own player interface.

player screen shot

Azar | First F**** Site

March 9, 2010 |  by  |  Project Two, Student Work  |  , ,  |  Comments Off on Azar | First F**** Site

This is an autobiographical visual representation of me, Chris Azar. It features three sections, an introduction, a heart section and a head section. The mood of the piece is surprisingly more dark/creepy than I had previously imagined. However, once I recognized the organic elements I threw out my word mark (which is clean and in helvetica) and replaced it with my hand written signature. That signature for now is one of three elements of navigation. I will continue to add to functionality of every section in the site.

This is merely a work in progress..
I spent far too long in photoshop and developing content for this project and there a lot of things I didn’t get to or couldnt get to work in the action script. For example I created a new portfolio page over the weekend to be the target of an iframe but couldn’t get a function to work.I however am not defeated and will get shit to work. I also wanted the pencil to link to my blog. I will probably also add a small music player and a pre-loader for the next round. I would also like the heart/head items to go in reverse back into place, Finally, I would like to add tool tips to all the items in the heart/head sections. (Especially because a portion of the heart section is in french.)

So far what I have are three stop action sequences and a bunch of tweens. I’ll start with the heart items. They all pour out of a masked hole where my heart may be. They have a red tint that fades as it loads over 30 seconds. The items on the left represent my immediate family. My parents split in 99 and now live in separate towns in RI. The towns (bristol and tiverton) are located on either side of the mount hope bridge (pictured in green). Rhode Island is the Ocean State and a golden anchor is featured on the state flag. The phrases in french read Tout le monde coule.. mais je demeure. In a french poem “le point” (the bridge) represents stability and values while the water represents life as flowing and constant. So the french phrase in English is the world flows.. but I remain. I love the symbolism and the physical division that the bridge is in my life. It’s just a bonus that the bridge is visually beautiful. So my parents flank the bridge. My mom is 100% irish and is represented by the clovers. My dad is 100% lebanese and is represented next to the cedar of Lebanon. Ever since they split my kid sister (16 year old Maggie Azar) has packed up and traveled with me every week on Sunday night to the other parent’s house. She is the beautiful butterfly that floats between the two parents. She has always been an avid reader and is seen against a couple bookshelves. She is the first one to emerge from my heart intentionally. The images that are on the right are images of friends from RI. There are a lot of inside jokes connected to the things in the carriage. I will add otto and sports symbols (running and biking and red sox) to the right side as well.

This site was very therapeutic even through the frustrations with as3. I didnt realize that making a rationale would entail my life story haha.

The head items are for my portfolio and my blog. I will add social networking links and a link to my resume in there too.

This site was made very selfishly. It was crafted primarily with the subject in mind (me). I guess prospective employers interested in seeing my portfolio/flash skills/creativity, would be my audience. But in reality, my mom, (who has a flash player and a monitor wide enough to accommodate
950px wide stage) is probably my main audience.

A wicked lotta shit..

lynda is easy.
ended up getting addicted to learning and bought a subscription.

This is what I used to install a tooltip.

The tutorials on this blog.

Special thanks to you harper for sorting through that batch of errors for me. It really got me started.

I have a few more bookmarked that I haven’t used yet but will.


Azar-Project2 Zipped


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pissed – Sensual Wickedness

January 25, 2010 |  by  |  Inspiration, Project One, unfathomable  |  Comments Off on – Sensual Wickedness
Screen Shot

Real sweet use of flash design