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Project 3 Laurello- Andy Warhol

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List of tutorials used:

Greensocks- Tweenmax on Complete

Rationale of Audio

The audio I used for this project are bits of interviews from Andy Warhol. They talk about his design technique, how he chooses images, why he repeats images and the particular process he goes through to create his art work- from the use of a certain camera to the different colors he uses.

I previously designed the life page so that the windows would house the main interaction. Now three of the windows have different interview audio clips that the user can play and pause.

The work page also includes a short clip on his process of pictures/art work which is also able to play and pause.

I used the interview clips because I thought they gave direct information about Andy’s personality and design style.

Most of the animation from project 2 remained the same.




Angela Project Two: Andy Warhol

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Project Overview

The Andy Warhol site is intended to show users Andy’s style and what he was known for in the art world. Andy was a weird artist and a leading figure in the visual art movement(pop art). After being a commercial illustrator, Warhol became a renowned and controversial artist. Most of his work explored the relationship between artisitc expression and celebrity culture. I narrowed my color palette to bright pop art colors, which actually isn’t very narrow but led to a very, very bright interface. I tried to use as much as Andy’s original artwork in the site to ensure that the attitude of the site was completely Andy-like.


Home Page

  • The home page opens with the animation of elvis in different colors
  • After the elvis’ have animated the navigation comes up to direct the user either to life or work


  • The windows on the city are clickable and when clicked the corresponding colored information window pops up
  • some are just text and some will eventually play music or a video


  • The work page is very simple and just has a mess of Andy’s wide variety of pop art pieces
  • when you click on an image you can drag it and the opacity starts to go down


The audience for this site spans from Warhol fans to art students. The site is supposed to be more fun than serious and not very information heavy. Just a small glimpse into the colorful and crazy world of Andy Warhol.




navigation and button tutorials from class

target/stop and drag tutorial from class


Project 2_Final_AngelaLaurello


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AngelaLaurello_Project1 (Zip file)


Project One: Andy Warhol

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Click to view Creative Brief Creative Brief_AndyWarhol


February 1, 2012 |  by  |  unfathomable  |  Comments Off on PROJECT 1: MOCK UP- ANDY WARHOL

I decided to do a biopic on Andy Warhol because of his crazy personality and colorful artwork. I’m unsure about how each of the pages do not really match and haven’t figured out how I’m going to tie them together.

SPRAWL II-The Man Behind the Magic

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Just a link to the guy who created the website we danced to in class today! Some of his other projects are really interesting!

RIA Site Critique

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Site URL:

I picked this site because it caught my eye because of it’s colorfullness and clean design. I liked that the focus was on the honeybee fields, which makes sense because the website is all about saving honeybees.

The purpose of the site is to give the viewer information about the honeybees, why there is a crisis, how important the honeybees are to many foods/and environments and how you can help- even from something as simple as planting a garden to supporting beekeepers.

User Profile

The user of this honeybee site would either be a young child in grade school, or someone with interests in environmental protection services. The site is very user friend, especially for young children. This child would be interested in after school projects like boy scouts/girl scouts and outdoor friendly activities. The user would enjoy learning about environmental issues, how they effect our everyday lives.

While this interface is attractive to younger children, it is also helpful to people of all ages. Highschool kids interested in pursuing a career in environmental studies or people out of college who are interested in finding a way to help the cause.

The cultural background for this site is very diverse, showing examples of different cultures with interests and concerns about the danger of losing honeybees.

The user also would have sufficient technical abilities and able to navigate the site easily and take from it the information they need to engage in something afterwards. Whether we’re talking about a young child in grade school, he/she would have access to broadband through his or her school and teachers who would introduce he/she to the issue of dangered honeybees. A highschooler, or older would also have access to broadband but more than the grade school, unlimited access through smart phones and/or laptops ect.

User Interface

This interface is primarily an interactive illustration of a flower field/nature site where honeybees commonly would be found. The “explore the fields” section alows users to navigate through the honeybee fields and learn different random facts. The primary navigation of the site consists of: The Honey Bee Crisis, How We’re Helping, How You Can Help, The Buzz, Bee TV and the Bee Store. In each section there are secondary navigations that provide information about an array of issues, projects and facts.

What works

1. primary navigation- easy to navigate back and forth

2. The over-all design, style and direction of the site. Each part is designed around the honeybee theme, with different themed bees in the necessary sections of the site

3.”Explore the Fields Feature”- easy to navigate, eye catching and the information is readable and stands out when expanded.

4. The amount of information and facts about honeybees, the cause and how to help is enough but not overwhelming.

What Doesn’t Work

1. The secondary navigation sometimes takes a while to load or the words don’t actually load until you mouse over them

2. Once you click on one of the tabs, some have an overflow of information that requires a scroll bar, but the site is big enough where the information window could just be bigger and not have to have a scroll bar.