Sports Video that got me inspired

September 7, 2014 |  by  |  Inspiration

link= give up- inspirational football video by 6dimitrisG7 youtube

After taking a year and a half off, I have recently decided to get back into soccer.  This sport was a huge part of my life and I was nervous to step back on the field again because I was afraid that I could have lost my skills.  Today was my first practice for the intermural team that I joined so I decided to search youtube for pump up sports videos.  Out of all the videos I watched this one really inspired me because it showed the highs and lows that come with playing soccer and also enforced the message not to give up.  When I was younger I used to say no matter how old I was that I would always be playing the sport I loved.  For my  freshmen year of  college I felt like I was disappointing my middle school self by completely going back on my word.  This video motivated me to get back on the field no matter what level I am playing at and just enjoy playing soccer.

The inspirational message I received from watching this video did not just connect to my soccer situation but also my academic struggle that I am currently facing. I am an internal transfer and adjusting to NewHouse has been much more difficult than I thought. Lately I have felt discouraged because in order for me to get back on track I have to take a lot of time consuming requirements that involve a lot of technology.  My lack of knowledge about technology has been bringing me down lately because I am realizing in my major how crucial it is that I get with the times and join everyone else in our world of advanced technology.  This video reminded me that nothing is just handed to you and that you have to work hard for what you want.  I love my major and my new school and this clip reminded me that I worked hard to get here and I shouldn’t just give up because the work is challenging.  All I can do is work that much harder to catch up with everyone else in my major.  After watching this video I went from feeling frustrated and unintelligent to feeling motivated and ready to prove myself.  No matter how stressful school gets or how many obstacles come my way I have to keep pushing forward to meet my goal.

This video spoke to me because it was able to completely change my mood and get me thinking with a positive attitude again. Any clip that can have such a strong effect definitely knows how to use storytelling.  The audience for this video is not just soccer players but anyone who has faced adversity and needs that push to keep going and never lose sight of what they want to accomplish.  This video has had an extremely positive effect on me and i can’t wait to step back on the field and hit the books to make my middle school self proud.