December 13, 2013 |  by  |  Project Three

For this assignment, I really wanted to have fun and create something that was exaggerated and preposterous in order to get my point across. I was assigned to illustrate gluttony, I combined elements such as glamour and sexuality with an excessive amount of food, particularly junk food. My idea was to have mounds of food rain down from the sky, and have an obese super model fall from the sky and land in the pile of food.

The illustration I created is very over the top and whimsical, I wanted to the viewers to feel like they were in a wonderland or some sort of heaven. For this reason, I incorporated pink, fluffy clouds in the background that move softly throughout the animation. I tried to pick out colorful foods, and foods that were also especially fattening and luxurious.

The animation becomes especially exaggerated when the supermodel falls from the sky, into the food and bounces and smooshes the pile. Because the woman is wearing a skimpy bathing suit and some high heels, while rolling around in food, I think the image also emphasizes vanity and sexual desire.

I decided not to have any interactivity because I did not feel as if it enhanced the illustration or helped to communicate my point, if anything I thought any links or buttons may just confuse my viewers.