Kleeburg Project 2

November 20, 2013 |  by  |  Project Two, Student Work

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My overall concept was to communicate that Syracuse high schools are not doing very well in terms of the average graduation rate. An average graduation rate of 48% should never be acceptable. I wanted to convey this as an extreme issue.

In order to do so I chose to use dark colors, including a dark red. Dark colors and the color red are usually associated with negative ideas and red usually symbolizes something bad or dangerous. By using these colors I hoped to grab the audiences’ attention and make them feel concerned.

The first info graphic that I chose to use is a group of people icons that represent the total student population. It starts with 100 red icons and then they start dropping off the screen symbolizing the students who drop out of school. Each one that drops out leaves behind a grey icon. It ends up with 48 red icons left representing the average percent of Syracuse high school students who graduate. I thought that this was an easy way for the audience to see and compare the amount of students who drop out to the amount that graduates.

The second info graphic used is the graph showing the graduation rate at each school in the Syracuse City School District. This is a way to show the extreme range of graduation rates within the same district that can be seen easily. This is also where the interactivity comes in. You can mouse over the name of each school and a box will pop up with the graduation rate and student to teacher ratio for that school.

I also created importance through typography. In the section that presents the main fact that only 48% graduate, I used different font weights and color to create hierarchy.

I did have a little bit of difficulty with the interactivity, but after watching various tutorials I was able to figure it out.