RIA Site Critique-Rachael D’Addezio

September 5, 2013 |  by  |  Inspiration, Project One, Student Work  | 


The RIA site I am discussing is Black Negative. (http://blacknegative.com/#!/loader/)

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I picked Black Negative simply because it is simple. I find many of RIA sites sick, but also very confusing and tedious. To me, this site is neither confusing nor tedious. It’s simplicity, beautiful designs, and layout stood out to me over a very complex and intricate sites. I’m actually not 100% positive what the purpose of this website is. I think it is either an inspirational website or some type of ad website, maybe an ad agency’s website. However, when I researched the name “Black Negative” few search options appeared, so I’m assuming it’s an inspirational site instead of an ad agency.

User Profile

Someone who visits this site is definitely a person with a creative eye or  appreciates good design. This site has many multimedia videos, great typography, and clean designs that would be inspirational. Therefore, I would assumer a visitor to the website would be someone in the design, multimedia, or photography field. I picture the viewer to be new to the industry or a younger designer, so somewhere between the ages of 20 and 30. Since the website contains multimedia and good design, I would picture the user to have technical abilities related to multimedia and design, such as knowledge of the Adobe Suit and be familiar with everyday technology, but not someone who is an expert coder. Based on the companies shown, the user would be someone from the United States, Canada, or Europe. Also, the user would need access to broadband to view this site successfully.

User Interface

Right from the start, the user is not left confused. The loading page tells the user exactly how to scroll from slide to slide to view the information. The user experiences the beauty of this site without frustration. The movements needed to go from slide to slide are as simple as clicking and dragging. The user can also easily identify what to click on the page to view the video. If the user no longer wants to watch the video, they can simply click on the background. This easy way to exit, does not make  the user look at anything longer than he or she wants to, which is a major benefit. Part of this benefit is that the user can click on the menu bar on the bottom of  the site and scroll through the slides he or she wants to view. Once again the viewer is not forced into looking at anything he or she does now wish to. The only frustration the user may face is the fact that there is very little information to what the purpose the site is.


The major functionality issue of the website is that the website does not give an 100% expression of  intention of the site. However, the functionality is easy, and would be easy for most viewers who were born in the generation of computer use. The website relies on simple click and drag commands to navigate through, which eliminates any frustration the viewer may have with more advance sites. The site also brings attention to clickable components on slides by making those components flash or move. Besides the purpose of the site, the site functions without any technological issues.