RIA Site Critique MacKenzie Dunsmoor

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I chose this sight because I had the most fun clicking through it and I really enjoyed the stories. It is a website that many people can appreciate because so many people eat McDonalds. I have never seen a site like this and I was intrigued. This sight is a great PR move by McDonalds because it is an entertaining way to view customer testimonies.


McDonald’s target audience is extremely large. All ages, races, and genders eat at McDonalds. McDonalds are found all over the world. In order to expand it’s reach to other countries, McDonalds had to make some changes. In Europe, McDonalds are much more attractive and they have more of a cafe atmosphere than that of U.S. McDonalds. Europeans are not as concerned with eating quickly as Americans because their culture is typically more relaxed. For example, when I was in London, one family told me that they had not used a drive thru window in over five years. This website is directly targeted at UK consumers. People who are frequent users of the internet (ages 15 to 25) are likely to visit this site simply because of the entertainment it provides. Adults (25-55) who are concerned with customer testimonials and product reviews would most likely visit this site to gain feedback from others. It is not as likely that people over 55 will use this sight because they are less likely to browse the internet or use the interactive elements of it, because they do not understand it as well.


The tiles that fill the entire space are unique and entertaining. The colors used are fun, but not overwhelming; there is a lot of variety, but the dullness of the colors keeps them from getting too distracting or busy. The illustrations are similar: there are a large amount of them, but they are simple enough and consistent enough that they avoid making the interface too cluttered. The consistency of sounds when moving between boxes is also helpful in maintaining simplicity; however the variation of sounds when using the interactive illustrations keeps things interesting. It is important that there is always parts of boxes always shown on the sides of the screen so the user knows there is more to see. Finally, the distortion of boxes when scrolling is important to the visual hierarchy of the interface (which it would lack completely if it were not for this feature).


The story boxes are easy to select and read because of the distortion of the boxes and the light box that opens with each story and a “Discover their moment” direction appears. The illustration animations are easy to use because the motion is the same for all of them and there are instruction as to how they work each time you open a new one. Movement to boxes that are not shown in the window is fairly easy (by clicking and dragging the window over); however, users are very used to being able to use their mouse to scroll. The design would be more functional if it was also possible to scroll around using the mouse.

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