RIA Site Critique Chloe Hutton

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I chose this site because I found it compelling and it’s story relavent and important. Often we are presented with dense information in a way that is not engaging, whether in a presentation or on the news. Into the Arctic is a greenpeace movement calling people to protect the disappearing arctic from  oil companies.

User Profile

The user seems to be a young, environmentally conscience man or woman in their 20-30’s. They are in tune with what’s happening in the world. They’re interested and social justice and making the world a better place. They hold liberal beliefs and believe that big business are doing more harm than good. They’re probably middle class Americans who have been raised to appreciate the world and preservation. They have strong technical abilities and appreciate modern design. They have easy access to internet, even on mobile devices.

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User Interface

They’ve adopted the flat design trend using muted colors and very simple icons.  The animations on the buttons are smooth and bring out a pop of color to the design. That movement of the map and the incorporation of video make the site really engaging without being overwhelming. The use of imagery and copy work well together, making the content more digestible. The site looks great in the Background, where type and images are well balanced.

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But in the actual stories, I think the hierarchy gets a little lost. My eye doesn’t really know where to look first. The map is used well, but I think it’s size gives it too much importance over the actual story. Also, it feels like the time and date fights for attention with the the title of the actual story.

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The site functions well for the most part. There are plenty of call to actions all over the site even tucked away in the articles. I think the content could be condensed down because some of it seems repetitive. Like having the 4 icon sidebar appear on the Petition page. Also, I think a site like this should be fully responsive. Some of the images shrink down and move, however, things like the petition, which seems  to be the main function of the site, is not responsive.

The audio as the site loaded sometimes became fragmented, which definitely takes away from the modern experience they’re trying to give off. The zoom in on the map animation does not work for me. I think it load time is too slow. It’s not very engaging to watch the line being drawn on the map at that pace.Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 3.22.34 PM

Also I feel like it takes too many click throughs to get to the actual information within these story portions.