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ABC iPad App

Overview: This is a mock up app intended to help children learn their ABCs through two different games, which feature animals that represent the letters. It’s an application that is based off of the designer’s larger project, “Animal Alphabet” which is a series of posters of the animals representing the letters that was compiled into the book. Taking these simple designs, the designer took it to a whole other level by going for an app that is both beautifully designed in a magazine/book page way, but has the interactivity of a game.

User Profile: The user of this app would definitely be a child who has not yet mastered his/her ABCs, though the app itself would be bought by an iPad owner (likely a parent). I see this parent as being one who wants to use technology productively when allowing their kids to use it , instead of just providing a distraction (kids seriously do love touch screens/interactivity, when I brought my iPad to my 10 month old niece over Spring Break she was constantly playing and tapping and jabbing to see what would happen).

User Interface: The interface is simple, clean, and playful, all of which fit the user of a child perfectly. The type is large, the colors are bold, and the directions are spelled out (more likely for a parent trying to show a kid how to use it). There is humor spread throughout the copy, which a parent would appreciate, while the interactive elements are large and bold so a child would intuitively want to click on it. I love the vector style of the animals too.

Functionality: Though this app has not actually been developed yet, the video above shows the functionality pretty fell. The navigation flow is different but perfect – it shows the two different game options by type and each slide has clickable back/forth arrows (a little too big for my liking) that are consistent. Great features like sound (animal noises) and pop up bubbles that tell you if you’re right or wrong (with wording that encourages kids to keep trying/feel rewarded) really make the app. The only thing that bothers me is as far as I can tell from the video and picture mock ups, there’s no way to tell that you need to swipe down on the cover to reveal the navigation. My intuition would be to swipe towards the right as a vertical alignment for games/magazines seems more rare.