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Overview: Every week I think I find the coolest portfolio site, and then the next week I happen to find something even cooler. Black Negative is a company website for directors, motion designers, photographers, web developers, etc. and their site is literally the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Everything is interactive, and you go throughout the site by swiping to the left. The laid out all the different projects/cases they have worked on by each having its own individual page and some different form of interaction.

User Profile: The user of this website would be anyone that wants to check out the company’s work. There would be no age cap, just people looking for some cool multimedia/design work. I am pretty sure any person could enjoy the stuff that Black Negative produces as well as the beautiful website that lays out that work. I also don’t believe there is any typical audience member, but of course those visually inclined would most likely appreciate the work the most.

User Interface: The interface is pretty simplistic, but it gets deep, in that you can go so far into the interaction that you get off the path. But they have laid out the path pretty clearly so if necessary navigation on the bottom of the page can be used to get one back to the place they were at. The interaction is a bit all over the place, but I think that only adds to the amazing experience you have as you explore the site.

Functionality: As I mentioned above, the interaction goes deep, but because of the bottom navigation, it is okay. I love the side sliding of the website versus the typically up down scroll. All in all I think they did a beautiful job laying out their projects in ways that make people want to engage with what they created and not just look at it and move on.