Yodabaz; Andrea Bolf

April 16, 2013 |  by  |  Inspiration, Student Work  | 



Overview: Yodabaz is another portfolio site that I believe is beautifully well. It is a cool mesh of animation, interactivity and video clips that work together to show off all of the designer’s best work. He has a nice mix of graphic work with photo work that is displayed in a very easy to use simplistic manner.

User Profile: The user of this website would be anyone that wants to check out the designer’s work. There would be no age cap to the user that would be checking out this page but his or her interests would most likely include some form of graphic arts/photo or they would be the other side of the spectrum which would involve those clients looking for a designer for their job. The people viewing this portfolio would be from all walks of life, large age range, and a wide variety of occupations.

User Interface: The interface is extremely simplistic. I love how the page loads with the numbers popping up. The font choices used are beautiful sans serifs that are in caps to emphasize the word as well as be clear and easy to navigate for the user. My favorite part of the website is the background on all pages which seems to be a moving video/gif/image of the designer who does something different in the background every time something new is clicked on. It adds the personal touch and I definitely think it is what makes this portfolio stand out even more.

Functionality: Most of the website works because it is so simplistic and it’s not very hard to navigate. There is always a back arrow or understanding of how to get to the new page. I would only have about two complaints: 1) would be that the pages/pictures/designs load extremely slow, which makes me (and maybe other users) get annoyed and sometimes end up giving up and clicking on something else or going to a different website. And 2) Some pictures are slideshows and if you go to the way right or left your cursor becomes and arrow that is used to look through the pictures. I would never have found that if I had not by accident flung my cursor on the side, there is nowhere where directions are stated and I think that would cause some confusion with the user.