Slavery Footprint – Interactivity Inspiration

April 11, 2013 |  by  |  Inspiration

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Overview: Slavery Footprint is the coolest site I have seen in a long time. It was created by the organization Made in a Free World to spread awareness about modern day slaves and how our life choices create them.The website explains the problem (typographic animation with scrolling interactivity) and then presents a very cool, detailed, interactive survey where you input information about yourself (everything from your diet to what stuff you have in your medicine cabinet to how many clothes you own) and it tells you how many slaves work for you. Eye catching and eye opening at the same time. Seriously kickass.

User Profile: The user of this website is anybody and everybody, though I could see 20-30 somethings or more mature/passionate/outward looking teenagers being interested as well. The user is someone who wants to learn more about the world even if it implicates themselves (by showing the user how they indirectly employ slaves). I felt a lot of guilt while going through the survey and got bored with the details half way through, so the ideal user is someone who withstands these emotions and the process because of their interest in the subject of slavery.

User Interface: The interface is very simple. I love the home page with the two questions, I immediately found the one that applied to me first (“What? Slaves work for me?”). The type in the initial vertical scroll is simple but well used, with a hand vector graphic, and the graphics used throughout the survey are interesting (also vectors). Only upon reflection now am I thinking about how it’s strange how playful the interface is considering the seriousness of the subject matter, but somehow it really works.

Functionality: My only complaints about this website come in some the functionality details. Navigation is simple and the general functionality is excellent, but when I wanted to return to the home page, after starting the survey- it auto directs you to your result and you cannot visit the home page again without clearing all of your cookies (annoying). Also when you visit the home page a video pops up, and although it’s not autoplay you can be sure that I Xed out of it super quick to see the stuff behind it. The video should be presented as an option on the side- I see what they were trying to go for by having it be at the forefront to get the most views, but I think the website is effective enough without shoving it down your throat.