Bernard Testemale Portfolio; Andrea Bolf

April 9, 2013 |  by  |  Inspiration, Student Work  | 


Overview: Bernard Testemale is a photography and this is his portfolio site. I picked this site because I loved the creative way of presenting his portfolio and how close the images and display of his work come to looking like real 3D objects. I love the use of wood, pictures, and random objects that bring his portfolio together into one creative masterpiece.

User Profile:I believe the user for this website is anyone interested in Testemale’s work. That can include students who are learning about photography, future employers or people that are looking to hire Testemale, and any person that happens upon the website and appreciates his art. I don’t think there is any exact age limit or occupation to the audience that would be viewing his portfolio site, but once again it would be a viewer that appreciated the photos he takes.

User Interface: The whole interface of the portfolio is what stood out to me. The way the details are dispersed throughout the various screens make the whole site one big experience. I love his use of sd cards, and lenses to really give you a sense that you are sitting at his table and you are looking at all the wonderful work he has produced.

Functionality: The functionality is pretty simple. There are some things that I don’t believe work quite well. I wish there was some other alternative way of viewing the images rather than having to click on each individual one. It makes viewing them very time consuming as well as annoying if you have to keep closing an image and then opening another one, rather than sliding through a slide show. I do like how you can organize and move the thumbnails on the table. At least this can help you put to the side the images you have already viewed so you don’t click them again. All in all I think Testemale designed a beautiful site that really helps him stand out in the photography world.