Waterlife; Andrea Bolf

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Overview: I picked this website because I found it will googling for interactive sites. I thought the audio and visuals really meshed together and made something that I normally would not give a second glance, quite interesting. I also like how when the page loaded the lines of the loading created waves when you would pass over them with your cursor. The purpose of the website is to educate users on water as well as give them a inside look at the documentary also titled Waterlife.

User Profile: I believe that the audience’s ages would probably be from the older teen into the adult. While the site is interactive, it is not interactive in the fun sense, but in a way of making the experience more interesting with special touches that you don’t really find on other websites. This is why I don’t think the website is targeted to young adults. The interests of the audience would most likely include biology or anything having to do with water; water life, sea life, etc. Someone who comes to this website is most likely very interested in the documentary Waterlife and wants to get more information on it. There is not much technical ability that you would need to look at this website. As long as you know how to click a cursor and be willing to explore the website by clicking all over the website, you will be able to use it.

User Interface: I do believe this is a good site that has many things that work; like the audio of water and the beautiful cinematography. I do think that there are things that do not work, such as the website looks a bit intimidating when you first see it because there are so many pictures and so many different things you can click on. I think the interface would be improved if the site pointed you to sort of a starting point.

Functionality: The website is functional. The buttons are simple and work pretty flawlessly. Like I said in the previous part, I think the experience would be improved if there weren’t so many places to click. But overall, I think the website is functional, and works.