Stephanie Spina – Design Research

March 20, 2013 |  by  |  Inspiration, Student Work

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I picked this site because when I came across it, it caught my eye as being really interesting. Websites that have really nice animation and graphics really pull you in, and this site definitely did that. What’s ironic is that I learned that this site’s purpose is to help businesses with latest technology web based solutions. They do consulting work with clients and help them with tools for things like advertising and selling for their business. They help with general merchandise portals, niche verticals, job portals, and community portals, also Search Engine Optimalization. I think it’s really cool that their site is so interactive and interesting because it shows that they know what they are doing!

User Profile:

I think the user would be any smaller business needing help with finding new ways to enhance their websites. I would guess that the user would be someone who is struggling setting their business apart and is looking for a way to make it unique, through use of the services offered by SensiSoft. I would guess the user’s age would be somewhere between early 20s-40ish. Occupation would include any smaller business, perhaps a personally owned business that doesn’t have an IT department. Any cultural background would be using this site I believe. I also believe they would have to have some sort of technical knowledge/ability if they want to make this happen for their business, and I’m sure they would have access to broadband as well.

User Interface:

My favorite thing about this site is the face that with each “page,” you enter a new time period/location. Starting with the About Us tab, you move through time to the future to the Contact Us page. The center holds all the information for the page you are on, and the background is a 3D image of a certain place around the world in a specific time period. This is a really unique feature that I was really impressed with. I love the background image in each page. I love how animated they are to make it seem like an actual moving place. It’s an interesting touch. I also like the navigation tabs and how you are able to click on the arrows to take you to the next page, or you can choose one from the tabs. One thing I might have changed would be the small area holding all of the information. If they needed to add more info, they most likely wouldn’t have room because the info is so cramped in that small space.


This site is pretty simple to use, especially because all of the information is in one place on the screen. The arrows moving to the next page make it really easy to navigate. I love how when you click on an image in the center, a box pops up allowing you to see the additional information. This is a nice touch that makes it easy to use. The site is pretty self explanatory which makes it more appealing. Like I said above though, I wish the information was a little more spread out since it’s feeling a little cramped, but I understand why it is that way in relation to the design and animation.