Magical Weather App – Mary Wagner

March 20, 2013 |  by  |  Inspiration, Student Work  | 


Magical Weather iPad App

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I picked this application for it’s simple typography integrated with icons and photographs- it explains the weather to the user in 3 different ways all at once. The purpose of the app is to give weather forecasts for anywhere in the world.

User Profile

Because the app isn’t free (though it is only about $2.30/1.79 euro), the user is probably an older adult in a business profession who travels frequently and would have a use for such an extensive weather application. Their technical abilities are novice- the app only uses taps and swipes and is very simple with large touch sensitive areas.

User Interface

The use of photography really brings this app to the next level compared to other weather apps. The white typography works 95% of the time, but when put in front of a lighter image it can get lost in the background. The icons are simple but convey what they need to and the grid layout when looking at multiple locations is really nice.


The functionality is straight forward for those used to iPad applications, but a couple more calls to action might make it easier for the less experienced user. Overall I think the app knows that the content it’s delivering is simple, and reflects that in the design and the functionality.