Moodstream; Andrea Bolf

March 19, 2013 |  by  |  Inspiration, Student Work  | 


I picked this site because I really think it’s relevant to us as graphic designers. It is a website that promotes inspiration and creativity through various channels such as photographs, videos, and music. By tweaking the settings you are able to see and hear things that mimic the characteristics of the mood you choose. I think this website is definitely a helpful tool in aiding writers/designers/etc. block.

The user of this website would most likely be 18-35 years old. They would most likely be in some creative fields since they are searching for a site that gives inspiration and this website provides it in a different way than we have seen before. Once again, the users interests would also probably be in the art or writing fields. I think it the users would be similar to those who look at Pinterest for inspiration or use Murally to create mood boards. This website is just a new fun way of aiding the creative process. The likely technical abilities of the user do not have to be extravagant. All they literally need to do for this website is be able to tweak the settings to their liking. No special computer needs necessary other than knowing how to use a mouse and having the ability to listen to audio. The broadband connection does not have to be some special system as well.

I think all in all the website works as a whole. It is very simplistic so one needs to be very nit-picky if they want to point out things that do or do not work. I believe the simplicity plays in the favor of the website. Since the idea is to inspire, the settings want to be very small and unnoticeable so the pictures/videos and music stand out the most. I also like that they videos can be paused so one can choose to only listen to the music. On the other side, it is also nice that one can choose what images (and see the mood boards) as well as mute the music if one only wants to look at the images. I do wish there was a way to hide the settings on the left, so the user can get the full experience, but that is my only complaint about what does not work.

All the buttons as I mentioned above are very easy-to-use and so the website functions very well because there is no need for prior special internet knowledge. The buttons explain themselves and are easy to move and fit ones inspirational needs.