Interactive Design Inspiration: Danger of Fracking

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This is a site that educates readers about the danger of fracking and advocates the transparency in energy industry to disclose all chemicals used in fracturing fluid. The reason I pick this site is that it guides readers through the process of fracking in a strong visual manner.

User Profile

This website’s target audiences are individuals who are concerned about the environment and the pollution caused by the energy industry. The target audiences have a wide age range from 15 to 55 and are passionate about the environment well-being especially water quality. This site is designed to educate readers about the fact about fracking that not many people have knowledge of but has caused serious problems. The problem of fracking is occurring worldwide regardless of nation or border, thus people all over the world regardless of gender, ethnic, or culture are intended to learn from this site. It is not difficult to navigate through the site; users only need to scroll up or down and hover over the buttons to view the content. Low technical ability is required. However, users do need to have internet access to view the site.

User Interface

This site exhibits content in a very interesting and interactive manner, which ensures effective communication. The overall graphic style is simple, bright, bold, which instantly attracts users’ attention. The fluent and logical flow of graphics guides users to learn about the subject in a progressing manner. The information also appears in a brief yet memorable way that gives users essential information about the stage they are at. The users learn about the subject while enjoying the process. The users are able to experience the process of fracking as a water drop on the screen, which allows them to be in the process. This links readers to a subject that seems distant and irrelative and brings the problem to their concern. Nonetheless, the site will be more user-friendly with more interactive elements that encourages users to participate in the content.


This site is very simple but functional and practical. The site from top to bottom is the process of fracking. Users navigate through the site to experience the process and learn about each stage. The site provides brief but critical information about the stage users are at that gives a basic understanding of the subject. It exhibits a strong use of simple graphic navigation. There is, however, too little explanation about certain critical information. The site should incorporate the options to allow readers to explore more information.