New Fantasyland; Andrea Bolf

March 6, 2013 |  by  |  Inspiration, Student Work, unfathomable  | 


I picked this site because just like many others, I grew up watching Disney and being in love with Disney. So by finding a site that allows me to interact with Disney behind the scenes, is like finding a little piece of childhood. The purpose of the site is to give the users a fun filled interactive experience where they collect different symbols in each separate story. The site is an adventure.

The audience would most likely be a group of young adults, that know how to use a computer and like Disney. There will be some older users that, like me, want to relive a tiny little part of childhood and enjoy Disney, but I believe it is mostly focused for younger teens who want to interact with their fairytale stories. Interests of the audience will once again be the movies, theme parks, and full out Disney franchise. Someone who doesn’t enjoy Disney and has not watched any of the movies will not get the same experience as those who have. Since the audience is young, their occupation is most likely to be students, and their technical skills will be basic, since most of the interactivity involves clicking and listening to the story.

I think the website as a whole definitely works. It makes you feel as if you are watching a movie and really taking part in a little adventure to help your favorite Disney character. I do believe that the storytelling parts are a bit long, but once again, I’m not the target audience, and those younger than me would definitely appreciate the story being told. I love the graphics and the 3D way the images are made. I also enjoy the background music which adds that extra oomph to the experience.

While this may only be on my computer at the moment, the interactivity lags a bit, which takes away from the experience. The user would need to have a very good internet connection in order for the site to work flawlessly. Otherwise I find the site to be very simple to navigate and understand, which is good considering the target audience.