Project 3 Laurello- Andy Warhol

May 6, 2012 |  by  |  Project Three, Student Work



List of tutorials used:

Greensocks- Tweenmax on Complete

Rationale of Audio

The audio I used for this project are bits of interviews from Andy Warhol. They talk about his design technique, how he chooses images, why he repeats images and the particular process he goes through to create his art work- from the use of a certain camera to the different colors he uses.

I previously designed the life page so that the windows would house the main interaction. Now three of the windows have different interview audio clips that the user can play and pause.

The work page also includes a short clip on his process of pictures/art work which is also able to play and pause.

I used the interview clips because I thought they gave direct information about Andy’s personality and design style.

Most of the animation from project 2 remained the same.