Milligan Project 3

May 5, 2012 |  by  |  Project Three, Student Work

List of Tutorials Used:

Photoshop Masking and Compositing: Fundamentals

Flash Professional CS5 Essential Training – esp. Chapters 10 (Working with Motion Tweens), 19 (Adding Interactivity with ActionScript)

ActionScript 3.0 in Flash Professional CS5 Essential Training

Video/audio chapters: 11-12

Movie Clip As Button Tutorial

Greensock – TweenMax – esp. onComplete

Rationale of Design

I went through several different designs before arriving at this one, which is very different from previous ones. I wanted the entire site to have a scrapbook feel as if items are being painted in. The main “navigation” is the circle, though the user has to click into each scene, which plays a movie. I wanted the user to have some control over their use of the site, but also be – in a way – forced to “follow the path” of Peter’s life by exploring the three separate video scenes. I wanted the entire site to seem like one seamless piece of watercolor paper. I hoped to achieve a sense of visual consistency throughout the site through my use of typography and painted elements.


Rationale of Animation Technique:

Each scene first requires the user to click on a drip. The scene then animates to a video of a scrapbook. Once the user leaves the video, they are brought back to the scene in which an arrow (with text) appears. Once you click the arrow, the circle animates to a new position and Scene 2 begins. Like Scene 1, a drip first appears. When you click on the drip, a line is animated that brings the user to a video. Once the user leaves the video and is back on Scene 2, an arrow (with text) appears that – when clicked – again moves the circle to a new position. Once in this new position, Scene 3 begins. The drip appears. When clicked, the line appears and brings the user to the final video. Once the user leaves the video, an arrow (with text) appears that brings the user back to the beginning.

Rationale of Video/Audio

From the beginning of this iteration of the website, I knew I wanted video to be a main component. My site has three videos of me “scrapbooking” eras of Peter’s life before his death. The first video, which is accessed by clicking a drip in Scene 1, is a scrapbook page of his childhood. The second is a scrapbook page showing him in his early 20s as a mountain climber in Yosemite. The third is a scrapbook page that is meant to be a kind of memorial. Each video has audio that I felt was appropriate for the scene. The first video is 50s music, the second video is a hit from the 1960s and the third has wind sounds that evoke a feeling of being outside, perhaps in Yosemite. The audio for each video plays until the video is complete. If the user navigates off of the movie, however, the audio will continue into the next scene. If another movie is clicked while other audio is still playing, the first song fades out and the second song fades in.