Angela Project Two: Andy Warhol

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Project Overview

The Andy Warhol site is intended to show users Andy’s style and what he was known for in the art world. Andy was a weird artist and a leading figure in the visual art movement(pop art). After being a commercial illustrator, Warhol became a renowned and controversial artist. Most of his work explored the relationship between artisitc expression and celebrity culture. I narrowed my color palette to bright pop art colors, which actually isn’t very narrow but led to a very, very bright interface. I tried to use as much as Andy’s original artwork in the site to ensure that the attitude of the site was completely Andy-like.


Home Page

  • The home page opens with the animation of elvis in different colors
  • After the elvis’ have animated the navigation comes up to direct the user either to life or work


  • The windows on the city are clickable and when clicked the corresponding colored information window pops up
  • some are just text and some will eventually play music or a video


  • The work page is very simple and just has a mess of Andy’s wide variety of pop art pieces
  • when you click on an image you can drag it and the opacity starts to go down


The audience for this site spans from Warhol fans to art students. The site is supposed to be more fun than serious and not very information heavy. Just a small glimpse into the colorful and crazy world of Andy Warhol.




navigation and button tutorials from class

target/stop and drag tutorial from class


Project 2_Final_AngelaLaurello