Project 1 Redo

May 11, 2010 |  by  |  Project One, Student Work

This mock-up should look familiar as it is what eventually became my projects 2 through 4. It looks drastically different from my original submission. The only carry overs is the branch the the sketched elements. When a visitor first comes to the site they will see the branch with me swignging from it and one portfolio thumbnail. to get to each of the other pages, about and portfolio, the user would click on my caricature and the thumbnail respectively.

Doing either would shift the visible screen either down or to the right to see the About and Portfolio sections. The About section will grow and fade in a thought bubble which will hold the content such as resume, about and online sections.

Once you click into the portfolio, the bird on the branch will jump to the rope and the hanging thumbnails all serve as link to different areas of my portfolio and wiggle on hover. When you click on the thumbnails they zoom in and reveal other images within that portfolio category.

Most of the elements were sketched in illustrator using the pen tool. I think the overall style is really representative of myself. One of the most popular comments is that the site is “very me.”