A Katchen: Project 4

May 11, 2010 |  by  |  Project Four, Student Work

For this redo, I created a jQuery/JS/HTML/XML slideshow for my personal website. (Warning! as of the time of this post, the included zip file only works on the sports page, and the actually website only works on sports and product page). There is no “rationale” for this per se, but I will explain a bit how I did it.

The slideshow player first begins to work when the user clicks on one of the categories, in this case sports. The JS loads an XML document, which has listed out all the photos I would like to include and the category they should be placed in. The JS code counts how many of each photo there are, and then dynamically creates LI elements inside of a UL element for the appropriate amount of photos (one for each). The code then loads each photo into a list element one by one, starting with the first photo the user would view and proceeding to the last. The plus and minus buttons simply fade out the current LI element and fade in the new LI element, all of which are on different Z-Index planes. To those of you who don’t know HTML or JS that made no sense, for those who do, it should be clear.

I didn’t really use any tutorials here as is my nature. I thought logically what should happen and researched how to do each little part, rather than read a tutorial about how to make a slideshow. I also consulted with Ken. Gracias.


Katchen Aaron – Project 4 Redo – GRA500