Bio Team Update

April 12, 2010 |  by  |  unfathomable


I’ve emailed the PHO 625 kids with a request for times they would be free to shoot this week. We can plan on having a shoot this week and have every one by the end of the weekend. Renee, I don’t have studio access so we will be in touch.
On main page, another set of feet will be a link to the bio page. That set of feet can have a prop such as a camera. The bio page itself will be a grid with head shots of each of the photographer. On rollover, the head shot will fade into an image or video of their feet and OnClick will reveal content.

Video Transition and bio page possible mock up. Is posted below.

Will be the main nav on load.. notice the camera on the right for the bio link

The image then spins and the 'bio' legs go to the top.

Once you click one of the thumbnail faces (which I have not included) a folder load and moves in from bottom and opens to reveal the image below

This is a rough template of a possible bio page.

I’ve also created a logo that I think would work really well.
quoted from my discussion post on the group..

I think it’s a winner. Feel free to play with the colors, but here’s
the explanation behind it.. I wanted something that felt organic and
handwritten given the nature of the characters and stories we are
dealing with but also pretty tight and legible when really small as it
will be for our home button.
I’ll upload a jpg and the illustrator file to the ‘files’ section.”

here’s the jpg..