Transitions and Sorting

April 7, 2010 |  by  |  unfathomable

I was thinking about what would make a group of people that are sittin’ around pow-wow style get up and leave.

Contrasting Transitions

Rain Showers.
It’s especially true in Syracuse. A more obvious weather idea for syr was a snow storm (but how many people sit around in a circle when it’s cold enough to snow?)

The 5-0 Show up.
Contrasting with that, the cops showing up (just a red/blue flashing light and a siren maybe) could make everyone scatter.

Gun shots
also very syracuse-esk.

Dinner Time
Then I thought about more contrast.. a mom calling her kids in for dinner or where I’m from, when the streetlights come on.
Passing Gas.
Then maybe someone farting could clear the room.. the site wouldn’t be complete without a little toilet humor.

School Bell.
maybe a bell rings.. it’s time for class or maybe a car horn honks “my ride is here” kind of thing
Ice cream truck jingle
I have great memories of summer time choco-tacos and could have a reconnect with viewers as well

I was thinking we would only have to shoot everyone’s feet running off once but play the different effects (sounds/flashing lights/whatever) over the one transition of everyone running away and the video appearing. Another idea was having all but one pair disappear (which would be a lot harder to shoot).

coincide with the transitions to keep things consistent.

so they would include:
rebels  (run from cops)

free spirits (run from rain)

humorous (farting)

Innocent (school bell rings)