More of Monica’s Ideas for 315

April 7, 2010 |  by  |  unfathomable

Team Preference

Since 100% of the class is more talented than I am when it comes to coding, Flash, etc. I should refrain from joining the Design team. Sure I think I could design a pretty site, but I think I should leave the hardcore stuff to the pros in our class. I will help track down Bios if that’s alright. I still want to help out in any other area of production whenever I can!



I’m having a hard time finalizing category names without having seen the rest of the videos, but I thought that they could have a theme of motion, since we’re focusing on feet. Something along these lines…

How we roll  /  Jump in  / Running start  / Hop to it  / Get down  / Wander around  / Pop up  / ?



If we’re sticking with the feet flat on the ground in a circle like the way they were in the inspiration site, then once the feet are clicked the screen could rotate very quickly so that those feet are right side up (depending on where they’re located in the circle) and zooms in so that they are now the only feet we see. The feet begin walking/dancing/rolling (wheelchair?) to the right, camera pans right following them and stops for a second as the feet continue moving right and off camera. Then the videos and navigation pops up. To get back to the homepage we have a Live from 315 icon at the top at all times.