Danielle’s Category/Transition Proposal

April 7, 2010 |  by  |  unfathomable


for the heart/ for the soul/ for the people/ for the mind/ for the body/ for the fun of it

I noticed that while each video was unified by their respect for music’s ability to unite, express and heal, each one also had subtle differences in which facet of life music most affected them.

For example, music helped the mind of the Alzheimer’s patients while Syracuse Symphony Orchestra, Restoring Harmony and One Question could be classified under “For the People” because they are about music in the context of a community.

Obviously, Tots would be under “For the Fun of it.” Also, categorizing the videos in this way leaves room for interpretation (much like music, itself) and creates a theme among the categories themselves.


As for as transitions, I like the idea of injecting some 315 flavor into them so the site is more unique to the area rather than music in general. An overhead view of feet pointed into a “pow-wow” type circle would reference the unifying elements of music.

I liked Chris’s idea of having different “scenes” or situations that cause the group to break up. Regardless of what prompts the pow-wow to disperse, I think the selected pair should remain on screen longer. I don’t think we necessarily need any complex video transitions at that point. If the pair of shoes just hangs out a few seconds after everyone else and then jumps up or rolls out, allowing the video to fade in.