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April 7, 2010 |  by  |  unfathomable
Just throwing out this question…. isn’t the point of the feet/lower leg idea that each pair of feet represent a different style.. like “punk”, “classical”, etc… in coming up with really abstract categories doesn’t that sort of take away from the signifiers of the feet? do we simply then just find a bunch of random “different” feet that really have no meaning… it seemed like the feet idea made sense navigationally because a user could look at them and say, “oh, that’s clearly this type of music or that type of music… haven’t they lost meaning if the categories are random?
— end rant —

with that said…



…basically words that end in “y” because I think they sound nice. and they’re broad reaching.

I am pretty much in 100% agreement with Monica about transitions, but I really like Chris’s idea of something triggering everyone to leave. I will continue to think it over.

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  1. That’s correct David. people need to think more.