Monica’s Brainstorm

March 31, 2010 |  by  |  Project Four, Student Work, unfathomable

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Not anywhere near “kickass” but I liked the way the video clips were laid out in a grid here with thumbs. When you click on one it covers the whole player and then shrinks back down when it’s done.

 This is a much slicker way to lay out the videos in a grid like I mentioned with the CNN site.

I liked the interactivity and the retro feel of this.

Dark colors, intimate setting that makes the viewer feel involved. Could work for multiple genres of music.

Although it’s not really consistent with what my “vision” entails, it seemed pretty slick and had a lot of potential for not getting caught up in only one particular genre of music. (and for more night club style inspirations…)


I had this vision of vintage concert posters with vintage type, and dark wood in the back., not a lot of color Something like a combination of these things:


I would want as minimalistic a frame as possible, focusing on the videos and the thumbs. There is SUCH a wide variety of styles with this project that to cater to any genre in particular would be a crime to the other artists. You can’t cater to the tater (aka Tots) and then leave the Mother Earth lady hanging. I thought something evoking a pretty generic, vintage poster would fit the style of just about everyone.

I watched some of the videos full screen and some of them in a window filling about half the screen, and I enjoyed my viewing experience much more when they were full screen (especially on those big beautiful lab monitors). The people are passionate and the visuals are great, so its much easier to be absorbed into it when you’re not distracted by outside elements around the player. So the videos will definitely go to full screen.