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March 31, 2010 |  by  |  Project Four, Student Work, unfathomable

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Some Baller Sites To Get The Juices Flowing

1. Walk the Line Festival

I like the website for the Walk the Line Festival because it is simultaneously simple and complex. The lines and doodles and uncomplicated but still contain a lot of interactivity.

2. Buildup!

The above site is actually for an Asian builder’s association but they have a feature tat allows the user to “build” music from construction sounds. Overall, I like the textured background paired with collage-esque designs.

3. Musicovery.com

This site looks a little nickelodeon but it uses an interesting navigation system. The user starts of by clicking their mood from a grid which creates a winding path linked by different songs that might strike your fancy.

4. Moodstream

This site has lots of pictures and music but isn’t really about video hosting. Nonetheless it is super sweet! It lets you chose from a range of emotions including happy, sad, lively etc. and then creates a playlist/slideshow to fit your mood.

5. Second Story

I figured at least one of the five sites should have a more traditional, clean look to it. Nonetheless, I like how different videos/projects on the site can be reached through a grid on the home page and then clicked through like a slideshow. The background can also be changed to better match the mood of each piece.


I like the idea of designing a site that can unite the similarities of the videos while also showcasing their differences. This could be achieved through by varying color or associating each video with it’s own graphical element.

Also, since this site is about music specifically in the Syracuse, perhaps the site itself can reference the city. For example, the home screen might be some sort of map or other representation of the SYR and each video nestled on a different “street” or “corner” of the map.