LIVE from 315

March 30, 2010 |  by  |  unfathomable

Brainstorming is a funny thing. I recently bought a waterproof moleskin for the bathroom.. seems like I get a bunch of ideas in the shower/on the toilet/restless in bed before I fall asleep. Anyways, here are a few baller websites that host music and or music vids.  I’m also still working on an interface.. I def think I’m gonna steal deezer’s feature bar for my design.

If you copy from one author, it’s plagiarism. If you copy from two, it’s research. My addition: steal from many and it’s art.

Deezer.. this site basically streams music of multiple artists like a groove shark does but maintains the flavor of featured artists and does a good job of promoting them.
This kind of site is a lot like 315 and I love the flash bar at the top that rotates through with a huge image but also a play button. Def my fav so far. It also has a mini player bar at the top with a plethora of controls. I wish it remained at the top when you scrolled. It would be even cooler if you could pin/un-pin the nav bar to the top.
Could we have “fav” button for people to pick their favorites and those would go into a playlist? a comment box may be a bit much but i like the playlist option.

Tracy Chapman.. Great artist.. sweet painting site. I love the interactive component. Wouldn’t fit for our project but we should definitely have something interactive that would have people telling their friends.I also love the subtle animations (birds flying, people walking).



Britain Rock.. There’s 3 versions of the same page. I think it’s over kill but I like the header graphics/photos/flavor quite a bit.




The Sides.. a sweet band page.. that doesn’t actually have music on it but has potential and a good base design.


The Killers Site.. tasty little frame.. reminds me of maxx’s site