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March 30, 2010 |  by  |  unfathomable

5 words:

Dedication – Spirituality – Vibes – Unity – Connection

Visual Concept

What resonated most with me after watching all of the videos is that these artists are so varied in tone, style, background, etc., but they all have a similar message- do what you are passionate about and make sure your voice is heard. With that in mind, I made the mockup above of what is sort of in my head right now.

I think that these artists speak for themselves really well, so a gimmicky design that shows how diverse/underground/edgy/indie they are in unnecessary- the content says it all. My idea uses a lot of transparency and navigation/playback elements that disappear, leaving full screen photos and videos whenever possible, so that the experience becomes more immersive. I want the site to feel like you’re sitting at the concert, not like you’re sitting in front of your computer watching a youtube clip of a concert.

I think the page should be a bit darker, I’ve seen a lot of video sites that have this sort of “lights out” mode where the elements around the video get darker so you can focus more on the video. I think that’s a smart idea, so the whole site is sort of dark, with the navigation elements popping in reversed out white, or the chartreuse highlight color when the mouse enters a certain field.

Other than that, I’m not 100% sure what I’m feeling, especially navigating between pages and what different pages are needed. (I almost wish every time you came to the site, a different random video was playing so that you could get a taste of the randomness.)

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