David Miller Project III

March 25, 2010 |  by  |  Project Three, Student Work

For some reason it takes about 45 seconds after my .swf loads for the music features to actually work. When they do, clicking on Tom makes him sing (click on the wheat to make it stop), then there is a traditional music player on the Music page.


I made some changes in this version of my Tom Waits site.

  • Player on music page is redesigned, the buttons actually function by playing, pausing, and resetting the song. The volume slider also works.
  • The music player is no longer tied to the bobbing gramaphone– it remains on the screen at all times. No more glitches and weird disappearances.
  • Redesigned the tour location cards on the tour page. They are simpler and easier to read. They should link to maps on a new page, but for some reason the _blank linking is making the text look weird…so maybe that will be in version 4…
  • More subtle animations to come…


School of Flash “How to make a pause button”

Dynamic sound fade

Stuff posted on the blog

Chris’s crazy player that didn’t work because .xml files were saving as rich text. My bad.


Miller | Zipped Files

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  1. I really like this site. 2 Suggestions though.
    1.a) when you click on Tom in the home page, I think the sound should stop playing if you navigate to another page, or if not that, there should be a stop button somewhere that’s global,
    1.b) on the same subject when you play the music on the music page, the 2 sounds overlap, so it should mute any other sound that was already playing when you click play.

    2) I think you should have his name on there somewhere, the only place you can find his name is on the music page’s music player

    other than that great site!